Worn Out Wednesday – Eric Bandholz

Today we speak to BeardBrand’s main man, Eric Bandholz.

After working a few years as a financial advisor at a big bank, I decided to quit and do my own thing. It was during this transition in my life that I wanted to grow my beard out with no intentions of shaving. Back then all the stereotypes for beardsmen where either bikers, outdoorsmen, rockers, or hippies. While those cultures are awesome in their own right – I never felt part of them. It was after attending a beard competition that I realized there were other men like me, professional beardsmen.

I got back from the event and started Beardbrand as a way to build the community of urban beardsmen (a term we coined to describe guys like me). I gave a lot of advice on not only how to physically grow a beard, but also how to deal with the psychological issues of growing a beard.

Later I partnered up with Lindsey Reinders and Jeremy McGee to help turn my passion into a business. We’ve been very fortunate to have an awesome community and customer base. We are working hard to develop and build the best products on the market. It’s been a wonderful ride so far (including our time on Shark Tank) and we are really looking forward to shaking up the men’s grooming industry.

As for Eric’s personal style:

Jeans: I just bought a pair of Baldwin Raw Denim 76′s so I’m in the process of breaking them in. It’s my first pair of raw denim.

Shirts: Lately it’s been the lumber sexual look, so I’ve gotten a few plaid shirts. Just picked up this Gant Woolster and also have some chambray shirts from Naked & Famous and Asos.

Pants: I’m pretty much 100% jeans guy, but I do have a pair of J Crew Chinos I keep for a change of pace.

Suits: Back in my banking days I would wear Hugo Boss trim fit suits exclusively. Lately, I don’t have much of a need for a suit.

Shoes: I love my Helm Boots Muller Browns. Wear them everyday. Super comfortable, stylish, and low maintenance.

Accessories: I keep it pretty simple; a Beardbrand cuff and then a gold necklace and watch that my grandfather passed down to me. I will change up the watch on occasion and have a couple of Nuvo watches  on their way.

Outerwear: Jackets are my guilty pleasure. Today I’m wearing a Barbour Waxed Jacket, but also rock an AG jean jacket and a tweed blazer from ZARA.

Favorite Cologne: We get to develop our own fragrances here at Beardbrand and we have this awesome collaboration coming in a few months for a half beard oil half cologne. It smells amazing, but that’s all I can say. Beyond our brand, I’m curious to try Tom Ford’s line of colognes.

Your favorite App: My wife would say 2048, but I’d have to go with either my Fly Delta app or Authentic Weather app by fellow beardsman Tobias van Schneider.

Favorite piece of technology: I am a helpless individual without my MacBook Pro. If I go more than eight hours away from it I start to get the shakes.

Next tech purchase: I’m waiting for the new line of MacBooks and the Apple displays.

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