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Worn Out Wednesdays – Mike Daddio

There are people who build houses, and then there are people who build serious houses. Mike Daddio falls into the second category. Growing up in the industry he never recalls a dinner table conversation that didn’t involve construction. In high school he worked for his dad on site doing everything from clean up to carpentry and upon graduating from college he started his own company with a partner, Design Development, specializing in high end homes and interiors. We aren’t talking suburban sheet rock debacles, we are talking homes that require plasterers, mill workers, stone and tile installers in pre war luxury condos in Manhattan and palatial estates on the East End.

“The best thing about what I do is that I meet interesting people, help guide them down the right path and see the process all the way through!” Daddio told us over the phone from his hotel in Germany where he is taking a much needed break. He continued, “It’s fast paced and dynamic and can be a lot of fun. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.”

We took a little more of vacation time to hear more about what a contractor to the 1% wears on a daily basis.

My work attire has always been tailored to going to construction sites, managing my men and still being presentable enough to interact with my clients. Since moving to DUMBO  I have definitely up’d my game from Timberlands to Red Wing boots.

I wear jeans daily from Big Star and a belt I got from my dad. Shirts are typically J. Crew although I was recently introduced to Scotch & Soda and I am a big fan. When I have to be a bit more professional I throw on a blazer from J.Crew and a pair of khakis from McLaughlin.

On the weekends I’ll wear the same pair of jeans with my New Balances and throw on a tee. I wear a lot of shirts from The Vanity Project, a non-profit I work with. I also wear tees from a line I discovered in the Galapagos called Lonesome George.

I ride a Vespa around town so I always have a Barbour jacket on hand in case it starts raining. I am not a big watch person but my girlfriend bought me a Timex and when I do wear it I have a variety of bands to change out to make it look fresh.

I am a big golfer but I haven’t updated my golf look since college days so I go for J. Crew khakis a Fidra shirt and Foot Joy original classics.  For the gym it’s a Hanes tee but sadly work has been so busy I haven’t seen the gym in nearly two years!