Worn Out Wednesdays: J.R. Brown

When thinking of baking we often conjure up images of grandmama’s toiling away in the kitchen. But men have had their hand in the mix since Ancient Egypt and really took it to the next level during the height of the Roman Empire when there were 300 pastry chefs in Rome. So when we met J.R. Brown down in Dallas, Texas we knew he was onto something with his homemade pies, cakes and cookies that are ‘slap your mama’ good.

Originally from L.A. (Lower Arkansas), J.R. packed up his truck and moved to Dallas years ago and developed his baking skills in his home in Turtle Creek. Apparently Texas has a ‘Texas Bakers Bill’ that allows people to cook in and sell from their homes so with no storefront, Brown has customers driving by at all hours to pick up one of his three layer cakes or buttermilk pies.

We spoke to J.R. between orders to hear more about his every day style.

When I get up and get dressed I wear the same thing all day. Unless there is a black tie event happening of course! You can usually find me in a fitted pair of pants- jeans or khakis. I have a larger rear so 7 jeans straight leg jeans are great, I’m thin but definitely not made for skinny jeans. I like indigo jeans and I’m not a fan of the destroyed look.  When I was growing up and your pants looked like that it was because you couldn’t do any better.  For khakis I go Banana Republic straight or slim fit. Always 100% cotton as fabric has to breathe!

Polos are my mainstay, (even though I am in a button down in my picture). I have been wearing them since I was a kid and I recently counted 45 of them in my closet, some from college and others I bought three weeks ago. Usually they get tossed when there is a hole in the armpit.

I am not a big sock fan so I am always looking for shoes that look good without socks, usually Cole Haan fit the bill.

When going more formal, aside from the obligatory Armani Le Collezioni suit, I love just about anything Ralph Lauren Black Label that’s cotton and looks good under medium starch.  That’s who made my tux and I couldn’t be happier. My suits for formal events are Austin Reed.  They make a slim cut and the waist size starts at 32 so they can be tailored down to a 30 and the back pockets won’t meet. Even though they’re wool, they breathe too.

And pocket squares never really go out of style.

When I am baking, I don’t really make a mess, hard to believe I know, but my family always taught me it was a lot less work to clean up if you don’t make a mess!

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