Worn Out Wednesday – Roy and Yuvi Alpert

Today you are getting double trouble in this column. We have known Yuvi and Roy separately in the fashion and hotel worlds but decided to interview the brothers together to see how their style compares and contrasts. They both grew up in Los Angeles, then spent some time in Israel before heading to college in Miami. Being 20 months apart, they formed an early bond and seemingly enjoy each others company and inspiration. Read on to learn more about the Brothers Alpert.

Roy Alpert

After college in Miami, I moved to New York City for Graduate school and upon completion of my MBA I  joined the Sydell Group and started working on a new concept hostel, The Freehand  (We are fans and covered it here). That has been my main focus as Brand Director and I love it.

As for clothes, generally the line between work and social is blurred. I need  to be comfortable and feel professional but never corporate. I’m into a lot of vintage. I like Acne jeans and Seven just launched a new luxe-performance jean that I like. Other brands I wear are Shipley & Halmos, Band of Outsiders and Theory. Their fit is great for me. I am good friends with Timo Weiland and I wear a lot of his clothes. American Vintage makes great tees.

As for shoes I wear Cole Haan. Their Nike soles are perfect so I don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style.

For sunglasses I have a pair of Karen Walkers I wear all the time and several from Illesteva too.

I do travel back and forth to Miami from New York a lot. When I get off a plane I go straight to work so you won’t see me in sweatpants.I always have to be ready –  jeans and a button down.

At night I do like to be more casual. A tee shirt is perfect for me from American Vintage.

As for my style compared to Yuvi’s, he is the artist and I am in hotels so our styles are definitely a bit different.

Yuvi Alpert

I ended up in New York shortly after my brother and launched my accessories line. Last year I launched Men In Cities, an accessories-only site for men that changes each month.  Each collection is all the same price point, so guys aren’t overwhelmed. Recently I rolled out my namesake line on Mr. Porter focusing on more high end pieces made with materials sourced from around the world. It is focusing on fine jewelry, made in Italy and I am hoping to introduce a new customer to jewelry, not just fashion forward guys but the regular guys.

When I dress I keep it relatively simple. I like comfort and quality and add accessories for a fresh look whether its a cravat, colorful socks or a bracelet. I have a bunch of James Perse tees and Acme Jeans. I love American Vintage – think American Apparel but better quality. I’ve been wearing my cravats a lot. So many young Parisians are wearing one with a tee shirt and jeans. And now that I have the Begley glasses from Warby Parker they make everything look a bit classier.

When I want dressier pants I go to APC and Acne button downs; Basic good quality items. I differentiate the outfit with accessories.

I love New Balance shoes and have two pairs of Common Projects, not the sneakers but the dressier ones.

When I travel I definitely find random cool pieces from Peru, Kenya and other places that I bring into the mix. I had some shorts made from some fabric I bought in Kenya that are awesome.

Even when I am super casual I like dressier shoes- I have a pair of my dads old Bruno Magli and I sport simple black Cole Haan shoes without socks. My brother has the same pair!

My brother has more of a neat look. I have always borrowed from him, but I am  definitely more bohemian.

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