Worn Out Wednesday – Musician Jason Trammell

Jason Trammell aka JayTram is originally from Kings Mountain North Carolina, a small town just west of Charlotte.

For him, it all started with Prince and RUN DMC 45s in the mid-80s. His dad had an old set of Sears drums tucked away in the basement.  He put those together, added James Brown, Otis, Stevie and his life was changed forever. At The Savannah College of Art and Design, his love of film, the drums and his continuing education through record collecting led him to the world of audio engineering and sound design. He moved to New York City at the end of the 90s and began working in the commercial and film world, predominately as a sound designer and Foley artist. All the while playing the drums and creating music.  Eventually the music took front and center.

Jaytram is a former drummer for the band Yeasayer and current drummer in The Atomic Bomb Band. A supergroup collective of musicians playing the music of reclusive Nigerian funk synth legend William Onyeabor. Guest have included David Byrne, Pharaoh Sanders, Money Mark of the Beastie Boys, members of Hot Chip, LCD Sound System and many others. He also drums in the band Sinkane led by his friend Ahmed Gallab who doubles as the musical director of the Atomic Bomb Band. He continues to work in commercial music, sound design and foley, as well as remix projects for the various groups he’s involved with.

Jason also produces mix tapes regularly and is working on finishing solo material, having released solo tracks on the Version Tapes version compilations he creates with musician friends Jib Kidder, Helado Negro, Certain Creatures and Leblaze. In addition you can also catch Jason playing records at Doris in Brooklyn for a night he calls Little Friday which takes place on random Thursdays of the month when he’s not on tour.

As for his personal style:

Jeans:  I started wearing APC raw denim jeans six or seven years ago and haven’t really stopped. I’m traveling a lot so jeans that I can wear many days in a row that won’t blow out and look better over time are perfect for me.

Shirts:   My shirts can be all over the place. Usually vintage pieces I find along my travels.  As far as current designers and companies, Kestin Hare out of London, Dues Ex Machina, Life After Denim, Third and Army Denim Co,

are a few.

Pants:  I was really into Dunderdon, but the NYC shop closed down. I’m still searching for the perfect pair.

Suits:  I’m on the hunt for a new suit. Adrien Sauvage  let me pick out a suit for a show I was playing at the Barbican in London.  I

really loved their clothes but usually spend money like that on musical gear.

Shoes:  Things of quality have no fear of time. I’ve been wearing Red Wing boots for many years. I have a pair from the 60s that I keep getting resoled, as well as a pair of new iron Rangers.  I also have a pair of Blundstone slip on boots that are super comfortable and convenient.  Also, J. Crew Oxfords, Doc siders and Vans in the summer.

Accessories:  I wear a little silver necklace with some kind of bone on the end of it that I found in Amsterdam. My super talented friend Marilu Villanueva made me a little feather that hangs out with the bone. Everything else I wear is made by my other super talented friend Kristi Sword.  Sometimes I wear bracelets that I made myself out of beads or other random necklaces that I run up on. I guess I’m always wearing some kind of a hat. I found a 1977 cap about six years ago that I had to track down again when it wore out. Anytime I find a hat with my birth year on it I usually buy it.  My current favorite is a Patagonia cap with a fish on the front. I also like big beanies in the winter with no logos and crushable wool hat locally made by a guy in Asheville, North Carolina. Brixton tiller hat gifted to me in Pittsburg.

Outerwear: Barbour jacket, vintage Patagonia and Northface, current Patagonia reclaimed wool zip up, old Levi’s denim jacket, vintage no name leather bomber jacket, Beams from Japan and old hooded sweatshirt from Saturdays.

Cologne:  I’ve been stuck on Aesop for many years now.  Other than that it would probably just be a combination of coconut oil and essential oils.

Favorite app: Animoog which is a synthesizer app by Moog. It’s great to craft sounds while on the road or at home. Favorite piece of technology: Teenage engineering 0P1. An amazing little synthesizer/sampler that is very versatile and compact.

Next tech purchase: Probably a really nice microphone. Or a new audio interface for my home studio.

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