Worn Out Wednesday – Brothers & Craft’s Kirk Chambers

Today we speak with Kirk Chambers, one of the three brothers behind Brothers & Craft.

I was born in Knoxville, Tennessee but have lived in Texas, Colorado and Florida at different points in my life. Currently, I live in Charleston, South Carolina with my amazing wife, Bradley, and our two beautiful girls, Brooklyn and Kennedy.

Charleston has been a great move for us. The city has so much to offer from a family perspective, but also from a business perspective. The food and beverage industry is big here, but the tech scene is growing fast as is the fashion scene. Not to mention we get short, direct flights to New York; this is huge perk for our business.

As for Brothers & Craft, three of my brothers and I launched the brand 3 years ago. The “brothers” portion of the brand name was selected for obvious reasons, but the craft portion we wanted because of our mom. At an early age, she taught us the benefits of being resourceful, whether it was tailoring a piece of clothing that didn’t fit or refurbishing an old dresser that we found on the side of the road. As a result, we learned to appreciate quality craftsmanship and value hard work.

Brothers & Craft originally served as a creative outlet for us to share our interests in men’s fashion, but over the last year and a half it has evolved into something far greater. We currently help brands create meaningful content through storytelling and photography, and also support them by promoting through our social channels. As of late, we’ve been involved in celebrity styling and social media coverage. Additionally we have some bigger plans we’re working on in the near future.

At the end of the day, menswear is only a portion of the bigger picture. We want the stories and content we share to spotlight hard work, foster creativity, and encourage thoughtful, practical living.

For my personal style, below are a few of my favorite pieces:

Jeans: Once fall hits, I’ll be wearing my jeans on a regular basis. The Jones Slim fit from Raleigh Denim has been my go to over the last two years.

Shirts: Ledbury makes a killer dress shirt. They fit well and have a huge variety. For more casual outings I wear Grayers, specifically their light chambray. I probably wear it too much.

Pants: Bonobos makes a quality chino and are very comfortable. If I need something quick and I’m on a tighter budget, I’ll go to H&M and snag some colored slim chinos.

Suits: I was introduced to Strong Suit about two years ago and have been following ever since. They serve a tailored look, with soft shoulders, hold a good price, crafted with Italian fabrics, and have great structure. It’s one of the best entry level suits on the market.

Shoes: For dressier occasions I’ve been wearing To Boot New York’s brown double monk strap dress shoes. On the casual side, I’ve been rocking my navy Gordon Rush “Austin” sneakers.

Accessories: Can’t hit the town without my Stetson hat, Shinola Runwell Chrono watch and my J. Stark wallet. For quick trips, I take the Moore & Giles weekend bag. They have amazing products and a rich history in the leather business.

Outerwear: Peter Millar and Grayers have some great sport coats. For the rainy seasons, I wear the hell out of my Stutterheim Stockholm raincoat.

Favorite Cologne: Honestly, I’m not really picky on colognes. My main fragrance I’ve been using this past year is Versace Man, Eau Fraiche.

Your favorite App: Instagram is obviously numero uno. Outside of that, I use VSCO for all my mobile editing and Pinterest for my creative stimulant.

Favorite piece of technology: My iPhone and my Bose Bluetooth speaker…both have served me well when hosting house parties.

Next tech purchase: It’s definitely going to be a projector for my outdoor deck and backyard space. Looking forward to the crisp, fall evenings when I’ll kick back in my hammock and watch a movie outside.

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