Worn Out Wednesday – Bartender Zach Lynch

worn out wednesday bartender zac lynch zach

Today we speak to bartender and brand ambassador Zach Lynch:

Florida born and raised, I got into the service industry pretty early.  Bar backing, bartending, then bar managing all before I turned 22!

I cut my teeth in a pool hall and gradually moved through fine dining, craft beer, craft cocktail, and chef driven farm to table bars and restaurants.  After founding the USBG (United States Bartenders Guild) in Orlando I took a larger than life opportunity to run the bar program at the Ice Plant and Brand Ambassador for the St. Augustine Distillery Co.  Still active with the USBG Jacksonville Chapter I’ve done a few seminars educating the members about breaking down large format ice for cocktails and currently researching for a seminar about ice, chill, and dilution for the bartender based non profit. 

With another bar program in the works I get the creative control that has been what every bar managers dreams of.  I am changing menus seasonally using small batch spirits and house made syrups and tonics in a quickly growing food/beverage market that we helped get the craft cocktails started in.  Working with the Distillery doing brand education and helping as an extra palate on new products has been such a cool experience.  Getting to watch day to day distilling of a small batch craft spirit right next door to the bar has been awesome too.

As for his personal style:

Jeans:  Levis 511

Shirts:  The J.Crew chambrays are awesome and hold up great as a work shirt

Pants: Express Producer pants

Suits:  J.Crew cuts a great suit.  I don’t wear them often but they fit really nice.

Shoes: Steve Madden for out but Dansko all day for work.

Accessories: I don’t wear many accessories but I’ve got a pretty sweet Fernet Branca Watch

Outerwear: Florida is pretty anti-outerwear but I use aprons at work, my favorite is a custom leather one from my friend Tyler Boutin and I really like the ones from 1224 and Blunt Roll. 

Favorite Cologne: Whisky

 Your favorite App: Google Drive or Evernote

Favorite piece of technology: Iphone

Next tech purchase: Either an Amazon Echo or nice Soundbar.