Huckberry’s New Clothing Line, Wellen, Is All About Sustainable Style

Wellend Boardshort

Being a menswear consumer in the year 2019 is about more than just knowing where to look for a great deal or the right brands to shop — it’s about putting more care and attention into the process and production of your clothes. Wellen, the new in-house line at one of our favorite retailers, Huckberry, drives this point home. 

If ever you’ve shopped the plethora of incredible menswear at Huckberry, you know the San Francisco-based team strikes just the right balance between responsibility and style, not to mention the outdoors and the city — and definitely the beach. Such is the ethos behind the Wellen brand at large, a combination of seriously sustainable and stylish clothes that should be on your radar this summer (and beyond). 


“Wellen is inspired, first and foremost, by days out on the water. Because of that, it was important to us from the outset to be good stewards of the ocean in order to preserve the places we love,” the Wellen team said. “That’s why we source organic and recycled fabrics, partner with ethical and conservation-minded factories, and produce our apparel in limited runs to minimize waste.”

This is a clothing line packed with sustainable style to its core, and simply put, it’s at its finest. Hemp is a natural fabric that dates back thousands of years but is now being used to craft stylish striped tees, super-soft hemp hoodies and even a tough stretch chore coat in various fabric blends alongside organic cotton. Need some pants to go along with your laid-back tee? Wellen has those, too — meet the utterly perfect-for-summer Wellen Easy Chinos, featuring a breezy fit and neutral color options. 

Wellen Wind Shell

The Wellen line is tackling everything that guys need in terms of casual, laid-back and versatile style — and yet doing so with a material that renews quickly and actually builds up the soil it’s grown in. When’s the last time your standard cotton tee did that? 

And this approach even extends to basics beyond just tees & hoodies — Wellen also makes a heck of a pair of Organic Denim, available right now in a pleasing light wash for summer. And we’d be remiss not to mention the rugged-yet-versatile Wellen Hemp Henley, a surefire winner as we work our way toward summer through early (early) fall. Plus, it helps that prices are more than agreeable. What’s stopping you from turning your whole closet into an homage to Wellen? We’re not really sure.

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