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What to Wear: Fall Wedding

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The leaves are turning, pumpkins are showing up on doorsteps and romance is in the air. Before you know it, it’s time for that fall wedding that has been on you calendar for the last few months. What should you wear? Ditch the seersucker suit you work to that summer wedding and go for something a little heavier. We opted for the classic and affordable Express Glen Plaid Photographer three-piece suit. Layer a pink shirt, like the Tommy Hilfiger dress shirt, under it, put on a darker tie, like the Armani one pictured above, and stick on some dance-floor-worthy shoes (we opted for an Oliver Spencer pair). Now you’re all set to celebrate this special occasion!

Express Glen Plaid Photographer Suit Jacket, $223.50 at; Express Glen Plaid Photographer Suit Vest, $73.50 at; Express Glen Plaid Photographer Suit Pant at; Alfred Dunhill Stainless Steel Roller Cufflinks, $285 at; Tommy Hilfiger Dress Shirt, $42.99 at; Armani Collezioni Basket Neat Silk Tie, $175 at; Oliver Spencer Derby Shoe, $462 at

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