What to Wear: Cooking With Your Gal

wear cooking gal what to

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to cook a nice, romantic dinner with your gal! After you’re done sorting out what you should make — we suggest checking out Not Without Salt — now you have to figure out what to wear! Don’t select anything that will snag or get too hot, and definitely skip out on Crooks or cooking clogs — you’re not cooking in a restaurant kitchen; you’re at home! Throw on some sneakers and a denim shit, pull out your professional chef’s knife set, and pick out an apron that looks good and functions well. Trust us, she’ll appreciate it!

Clockwise, L-R: Stanley & Sons Deluxe Apron, $128 at apronandbag.com; Lexington Taylor Shirt, $149 at lexingtoncompany.com; Brooks Brothers Five Pocket Wale Corduroys, $79.50 at brooksbrothers.com; Wenger 10-Piece Chef’s Knife Set, $400 at comforthouse.com; Nike Air Vortex Retro Sneaker, $85 at nordstrom.com.