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This Service Lets You Try Clothes from the Comfort of Your Home

stitch fix clothes folded and spread out on the floor.

Leaving your home in these trying times can be stressful. Whether you’re going to the gym, picking up some food, or going clothes shopping, it’s probably best to minimize how much you’re exposing yourself to the outside world. Not to mention, it’s just great to be at home, relaxing, as much as possible. You may or may not have heard, but there is a service that allows you to try on clothes and new styles from the comfort of your home. It’s called Stitch Fix.

It offers fashions for women, kids, and men, and the styles are always picked out by resourceful experts. Here’s how it works: You take a brief style quiz to let the Stitch Fix team know your personality, your interests, and what kind of clothes you love most. You are then paired up with an expert stylist, who will consider the styles available, and your quiz responses, picking out the best outfit(s) for you.

Stitch Fix then ships the clothing right to your doorstep. You can try everything on, keep what you like, or send back what you don’t, for free. In fact, you don’t have to keep any of the items if you’re not happy — send it all back — but the team will keep trying until you find something that fits. It sure beats the heck out of fighting small crowds and visiting multiple stores just to find a great shirt or pair of pants!

A Shopping Experience That’s Created Just for You

When you take the quiz, you’re not just telling the team a little about yourself and some of the things you like, you’re also answering a selection of relevant questions, like your budget, fit preferences, body type, and more. You can also make requests or provide feedback, after every shipment, to help refine what kind of styles are sent your way. It means that not only is the first shipment tailored just for you, but so are all subsequent orders, each one matching your preferences more than the last. It’s like having your own stylist, available when you need them, and you’re bouncing ideas off one another.

There are over a thousand brands and styles to choose from, including Nike, Adidas, Toms, Under Armour, Levis, Vans, Polo Ralph Lauren, Callaway Apparel, and many more. In addition to the expert stylist option, you can also browse a personalized store, with items handpicked just for you by the Stitch Fix team. We have reviewed earlier styles that Stitch Fix had available if you’re interested to see what we thought. Spoiler: It was a “home run on the first swing.”

You’re in the Driver’s Seat

You’re always in charge, deciding not just what to keep or send back, but also what preferences you share, or how often you make a purchase. There are no subscriptions required to take part, and shipping, returns, and exchanges are always free. Always.

Automatic deliveries are the default option, which means Stitch Fix will send you new styles — picked by the experts — every month. But it’s not a requirement, and you can always turn off automatic shipments. They truly allow you to find the option and schedule that matches your needs. If you want to place an order manually every time, you can do just that. If you turn automatic shipments on, you can even adjust the frequency with which they arrive.

It’s your choice how much or how little you spend. Not to mention, you can decide whether to receive the automatic shipments each month or the alternative, manual shipments precisely when you’re ready for new gear. You’re not locked into any contracts or subscriptions either, so you’re free to change things up wherever, or whenever you want.

Why not give it a try? All it takes is a quick style quiz — just a few minutes tops — and you can see what kind of apparel the stylists have picked out just for you.

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