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6 Reasons Why We Recommend Stitch Fix for Fresh Men’s Styles

Side by side imges of a label being sewn into the color of a sweatshirt and a man wearing the same sweatshirt as part of the Stitch Fix Knits line.

Stitch Fix is a pretty awesome service, especially if you want access to curated styles, that are picked out just for you. After taking a quick style quiz, they’ll begin sending you outfits, every month — or when you specify — that you can try on, keep, or send back. Best of all, they offer name-brand apparel from places like Nike, Adidas, Toms, Callaway Apparel, Under Armour, The North Face, and much more.

We reviewed Stitch Fix at The Manual, and we found it nothing short of amazing. But will you feel the same? Of course, one of the best ways to find out is to head over to Stitch Fix, take your style quiz, and try out the service. You’re under no obligation to keep any of the items sent to you, and returns, exchanges, and shipments are always free. If you’re still hesitant, don’t fret, we’re going to take a look at six reasons why Stitch Fix is so highly recommended.

1. You Don’t Have to Leave Home

After taking your quiz, and signing up, the outfit(s) are shipped right to your doorstep. Shipments are always free, and that goes both ways. If you don’t like the items after trying them on you can send them right back. There are no subscriptions, no order limits, and you’re under no obligations. It all comes to you, and you’re free to decide how to proceed.

You don’t have to leave your home to try on outfits, meet up with a stylist, or just shop, as with traditional purchases. What’s more, you can interact with the Stitch Fix team to find what matches your personal tastes, again, all from the comfort of your home. You can even set up a delivery while laying in your bed. It’s that simple.

2. You’re Always in Control

While the standard is to send you automatic shipments every month, you can turn that off and opt for manual shipments instead. That means, Stitch Fix will only send you new gear when you’re ready, and you say. If you receive something you don’t like, even the entire bundle, you can send it all back at no cost to you.

You’re always in charge. You can also provide feedback to the Stitch Fix team after each shipment letting them know what you didn’t like, why, and what you’re looking for instead. Over time, that feedback and your interactions will make for an incredibly effective process where the expert stylists are sending you perfect matches in nearly every bundle.

3. They’ll Match Your Budget

Worried about spending too much? One of the preferences established during the initial quiz is how much you’re willing to spend, or rather your budget. Because Stitch Fix offers apparel from over 1,000 brands, there’s plenty to choose from, and there are matches in every spending bracket, from affordable to more premium items. What’s more, a $20 styling fee is credited towards anything you decide to keep. So, you’re technically not paying to interact with the expert stylists between every shipment. If you were to hire your own stylist that would get very costly, very fast — and it would certainly be much more than $20!

Because there are a variety of price ranges, there’s always something for everyone. And if you ever come across something that’s too expensive, you can always send it back.

4. They Offer Styles from the Name Brands You Love

Stitch Fix brand styles that are supported.

Stitch Fix matches men’s sizes from extra-small to 3XL, including Big and Tall sizes. Moreover, there are thousands of brand name items available from Nike and Adidas to Vuori, Cole Haan, and Vans. There are dress wear options for when you need to clean up, activewear outfits for exercise and relaxing days at home, and everything from jackets and sweaters to footwear.

You name it, Stitch Fix has it.

5. You’ll Get Support from the Experts

After taking your style quiz, and before each shipment, you’re paired up with an expert stylist. That professional will curate each outfit, making sure you’re getting the gear, and items, you truly want. Prefer jeans over dress slacks or shorts? No problem. The experts will find the perfect outfit(s) for you.

You can also browse an online storefront, personalized and featuring items recommended by the Stitch Fix experts.

6. You Can Gift It

In line with most retailers and comparable services, you can always give friends, family, and others, a gift card to Stitch Fix. That takes the guesswork out of choosing apparel and styles for people you know. They can use those gift cards to sign-up for automatic style shipments of their own, or they can always shop instantly.

Gift cards can be printed, emailed, or mailed physically, and you get full control over how its sent to the recipient.

Take Your Styling Quiz and Experience Truly Personalized Shopping

Sample Of Stitch Fix Subscription Box And Items.
via Stitch Fix

On the fence or not, there’s no reason not to give Stitch Fix a try. It just takes a few minutes to complete the styling quiz and then you’re off to the races. If you don’t like anything from the first shipment, you can send it all back and keep trying until there’s a win! Most likely, it’s not going to take that long to find something you adore.

Try Stitch Fix Now

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