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7 reasons you should be wearing Vuori’s best-selling Sunday Collection

Vuori Sunday Collection apparel worn while working out
Vuori Clothing

The right clothing helps you feel comfortable and relaxed and looks good, no matter what you do. It also comes with excellent features, like quick-drying and moisture-wicking properties, to help you stay that way, even in the heat of a sport or active moment. That’s precisely what Vuori’s Sunday Performance apparel — The Sunday Collection — is all about. It’s built for lunging and lounging, whatever keeps you happy. But while we know that and highly recommend getting some of Vuori’s Sunday apparel, you don’t. So, we’ve put together a list of reasons your next outfit should be from this collection.

1. They look good, real good

Specifically designed to be versatile enough to wear casually, as activewear, and beyond, Vuori’s entire Sunday Collection will make you look good and feel good. As far as we’re concerned, those are two of the most essential traits of any outfit or piece of clothing. If you put these bad boys on, you will turn some heads. It’s that simple.

2. They feel wonderful

They’re ultra-soft and stretchy, thanks to a four-way stretch design, but they also have many fantastic features. For example, the have both a back zip stash pocket and a front leg zip pocket for stowing your personal belongings, with plenty of room inside each. Some items are made with recycled material, too — like the Sunday Performance shorts — so despite being comfortable, they also help cut down on waste.

3. They’re ultra-versatile

Vuori Sunday Collection Performance Joggers worn while running up stairs in Portugal
Vuori Clothing

Yes, you can wear them while jogging, lifting weights, or playing sports, but you can also wear them on a quick errand, while visiting friends or family, or just lounging at home. It’s your choice, really, but they’re so comfortable and intelligently designed that you can wear them anywhere, anytime.

4. They have your perfect style

With a wide variety of sizes to choose from, all featuring a comfortable athletic fit and just as many color options, you can find any of the Sunday Performance collections in your preferred style. That counts because you can be yourself and show off your personal style and preferences while wearing something unique.

5. You can assemble an entire outfit

From the to a vest, , and pants, there are plenty of options, meaning you can assemble an entire Vuori outfit that matches and blends seamlessly. It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to stay warm or cool, there’s something here for you.

6. They’re moisture-wicking

Working out with kettlebell while wearing Vuori Sunday Collection Performance Joggers
Vuori Clothing

The entire Sunday Collection features moisture-wicking properties to help whisk away your sweat during workouts. But that’s also relevant if you live in a hot, humid climate like Florida, where sweating is an unfortunate reality of everyday life. No one wants to feel gross, sticky, and sweaty. The entire Sunday Collection can help prevent that by keeping your body dry, even when you’re at your most active.

7. They feature four-way stretch

The four-way stretch sounds like a phenomenal feature, but what does it mean? To put it simply, features a flexible and stretchy design that’s adaptable to what you’re doing. If you’re stretching before a workout or doing Yoga, the clothing leaves you enough room and freedom to get the exercise done. If you’re walking, jogging, biking, or doing something more active, the clothing isn’t too restrictive, but not so loose it will get in your way either. It’s designed to fit just right, giving you the ideal athletic or casual experience.

Don’t sleep on Vuori’s Sunday Collection

Model wearing Vuori Sunday Performance Joggers
Vuori Clothing

Joggers, shorts, a hoodie, track pants, a track jacket, a vest, and a regular jacket are all available options as part of Vuori’s Sunday Collection. They’re all made with the same top-notch features and materials. They’re all meant to be versatile and comfortable and keep you cool and dry thanks to moisture-wicking properties.

If you don’t have at least something from Vuori in your wardrobe yet, you’ll want to check out what’s available. You can thank us later.

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