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Stitch Fix Freestyle — The Best Way to Buy Clothes Online?

Stitch Fix Freestyle is a new service from Stitch Fix. If you’ve always been intrigued by the fashion company’s subscription box-style model, but never wanted to be tied in too much, it could be the ideal solution for you. Here’s a look at everything you need to know about it, including how it differs to the popular subscription box and why you should consider taking it for a spin.

What is Stitch Fix Freestyle?

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Stitch Fix Freestyle is a service aimed at people looking to buy great clothing without leaving their homes, while still receiving expert advice. Suddenly realized you’ve got a big meeting or a hot date coming up? This service will make sure you look fantastic for it.

It’s an online boutique that pays attention to your tastes. Designed for all genders, you simply complete a style quiz that includes details on your size, outfit preferences, and even your daily routine. From there, Stitch Fix collects up a personalized online store of ideas that directly relate to your taste.

The store refreshes throughout the day with new and tailored just-for-you options. Effectively, it’s a bespoke range so you shouldn’t see anything that doesn’t appeal to you. More than 1,000 brands are included covering some big-name brands like Nike, Calvin Klein, Levi’s, Kate Spade, The North Face, and much more. Whatever your taste, you should be happy with the selection here.

Browsing through the choices is simple. There’s no need to filter things out because Stitch Fix Freestyle has already done all the hard work for you. It offers a trending feature that provides you with stylish outfits that are sure to look good on you, as well as breaks things down according to genuinely useful categories.

No two Stitch Fix Freestyle experiences are the same as it’s all done with as much individuality as each shopper. If the service does somehow pick out something you end up not liking, shipping, returns and exchanges are all free so you don’t have to worry there. There isn’t even a styling fee or minimum order required to shop with Stitch Fix Freestyle.

How is Stitch Fix Freestyle Different from Stitch Fix Boxes?

Stitch Fix Freestyle works a lot like Stitch Fix subscription boxes but there are a few key differences. For one thing, Stitch Fix Freestyle is designed for individual situations. It offers the same individuality of signing up for the subscription service but you don’t have to worry about feeling like you’re committed. Instead, it’s a hybrid between subscription and regular shopping online.

When it comes to using Stitch Fix Freestyle, you still get the same style quiz as with a regular Stitch Fix subscription. Asking you about your style preferences, budget, and size, is just like dealing with a personal shopper, but without having to leave your home. From there, you’re given a bunch of ensembles so you can see what looks good to you. Completely A.I.-driven, it’s a smart way of seeing some great suggestions that tap into your aesthetic.

Stitch Fix Freestyle offers some new features elsewhere too. These include the Trending for You section which suggests what will work for you best, along with a Featured Brand category that focuses on your favorite brands. It’s a great way of cutting down the 1000+ brands to your absolute favorites. You can also shop by department and view trend and seasonally-led options as well. The Stitch Fix Freestyle experience promises to be unique for every user with items refreshed frequently throughout the day so there’s always something new to try. Essentially, it’s a faster way of using Stitch Fix to spruce up your wardrobe — for men and women.

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