TGIF Shopping: Introducing The Debut Collection From Curated Idea Merchants Unlimited

Introducing the just-launched, debut collection from new lifestyle brand, Curated Idea Merchants Unlimited.

How new is new? “We came up with the concept for the brand just 18 months ago,” says Curated co-founder Gary Sims. “We believed–and still do–there was a need for a brand that reflected the way men really dress (albeit men with a certain taste level) not some designer’s skewed vision of how he or she wanted them to dress that more times than not was a designers fantasy and irrelevant to the real world.”

From that spawned their debut SS15 collection complete with shirts, jackets, pants, tobacco jeans, shorts, specialty denims, knits and accessories.

The selvedge denim and chino are sourced from the finest mills in Japan, while the delave linens–a process in which the yarns are washed before being woven giving the pigment a dyed effect–are direct from Italy. The signature exposed darts and gusset features are a testament to the brand’s keen attention to detail, while buttons and rivets from Italy use low-impact processes without using acids.

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It wasn’t just a focus on aesthetic, but an eye toward sustainability. “We think it should be amongst the chief criteria for everyone who manufactures any kind of product. The factory we use for making our bottoms & some jackets is one of only two or three LEED Certified Platinum apparel factories & laundries in the world,” Sims explained.

We also found out that the factory uses advanced systems like reverse osmosis for water purification, ozone machines, solar power and are repurposing the sludge from the wash to create bricks for housing charities while using the wind turbines to power streetlights around the factory,

The standout piece from the debut collection is without a fiber of a doubt the trench coat. “It gives anyone who wears it sex appeal and can be worn in a multitude of ways. If you can’t get laid wearing that you might as well hang it up!” We will take Sims word for it.

You can purchase Curated at Douglas Fir in Los Angeles and online at