Super Swimwear by Onia

Shopping for swimwear can be a tricky business. Though, for the 99% of guys that would prefer something design-conscious and a lot more substantial than Speedos, Onia’s latest collection is a pretty awesome solution.

The New York-based brand creates designs that are simple, well crafted and effortless, sticking to classical silhouettes that fuse wearable colors and prints.

Inspired by the infamous beaches of Ipanema, the collection offers a selection of ‘classy’ swim shorts that are just as suitable for a day spent wandering around a city.

For a simple statement, the block color pieces are a great option. Available in a summer-fresh palette of azure, rosé, jade green and ultramarine blue, the simple drawstring design is perfect for low-maintenance style. If you’re looking to mix it up a little more, the macro paisley print and stretch stripe pieces are likely to transcend trends and last for seasons to come. Erring on the side of sartorial, the tailored cut, mid-length and antique nickel snaps of this style will just about take you from beach to office, if you refuse to surface from holiday mode, that is.