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Canada Goose vs Moncler: Which is warmer and more sustainable?

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Canada Goose

When it comes to clothing, people have different ideals. Some care about the price — that’s me. Some care about the functionality, like the warmth a winter jacket provides. Some care about other factors, like how sustainable the manufacturing process is or how eco-friendly the materials sourcing is. Whatever it is you value most, a good head-to-head between two brands can give you the comparison you need to make hard choices. That’s precisely what our Canada Goose vs Moncler mashup aims to provide. Together, we’ll explore which brand is warmer, more sustainable, and offers better features overall.

Canada Goose vs Moncler: Who wins?


Let’s cut to the chase. We’re partial to Canada Goose and here’s why: The brand is more affordable and accessible, highly rated among customers, and offers an incredible variety of styles and clothing options, so many that it feels like being a child in a candy shop when perusing its inventory. Now, Moncler does make some beautiful clothing, and its winter gear and down jackets are unmatched, truly. But you’ll also be paying a much higher premium. One of Moncler’s is $950 versus Canada Goose’s $750 for a . Both are suitably warm, both offer protection from the elements, but one is more wallet-friendly. That’s all.


There’s no question, Canada Goose has the better pricing. If you care about the cost of your clothing, or you’re on a tighter budget, it’s the place to shop. Canada Goose range from about $500 up to $1,400. Moncler’s selection is in excess of $1,000 with almost nothing cheaper than that price point. The comparison between materials, design, and functionality are fairly similar, as well, which means the higher price isn’t always warranted.

Warmth and Protection

When looking at winter coats, specifically, for the thicker materials, and a comfortable experience outdoors, both brands excel. They will keep you warm even in frigid temperatures, with full breathability if you decide to be more active. They also come with decent extras like sizable hoods, pockets, zipper seals, and durable inserts like recessed rib knit cuffs or reinforced sleeve cuffs. So, they’re tough, they’re comfortable, and they’re warm. No one is the clear winner in this category, and really, it depends on what you’re looking for in a coat. Both Canada Goose and Moncler have a selection of lightweight and thicker, winter-ready options like parkas. If you’re worried about price, obviously go with Canada Goose. If money is no object then go with Moncler.


Canada Goose is on a mission to source “Preferred Fibres and Materials (PFMs)” with improved environmental and social sustainability. To dig in a little more, that means the brand uses recycled, natural, organic, and biodegradable materials with plant-based fibers. They claim are made with PFMs.

Moncler is on a similar journey, with a more extensive sustainability mission and policies that span several key pillars. Those include acting on climate and nature, thinking more sustainably, being fair to the environment, nurturing diversity and uniqueness, and giving back to local communities. Moncler , transparently listing target goals and their progress towards them.

If we had to choose one of the two brands to win in this category it would be Moncler. But they’re both adhering to more sustainable and environmentally sound practices.


Founded in 1957 in Canada, as the name implies, Canada Goose manufactures clothing with nylon, polyester, cotton, and down insulation. Moncler was founded in 1952 in France and is now based out of Italy, manufacturing its clothing out of Goose-down insulation and Japanese nylon. Both brands source premium or top-quality materials that combine to offer reliable performance in the field. In other words, whether you choose Canada Goose or Moncler jackets, you’ll be warm all the same.

Fashion & Style

Moncler takes the cake in this category. Its jackets are more flashy, fashionable, and chic, but they also have the price tag to prove it. Comparably, Canada Goose styles are a bit more reserved, if not still appealing and will certainly speak to those who spend a lot of time outdoors — if you’re exploring the wilds you care more about performance than looking good.

Getting warmer by the minute

Will Smith wearing a Moncler jacket.

When you step outside and into the great outdoors, it’s really not going to matter how much you spend on a jacket, what it looks like, or what brand it’s from. What’s going to matter is how well it keeps your body and your extremities warm and what kind of concessions it offers during your trip. For example, are there enough pockets to stow your supplies and extra gear? The good news is that both Moncler and Canada Goose jackets are functional, warm, and built to handle extreme weather with grace. On a surface level, they’re both winners and you can’t go wrong with either of them. If we’re going by our recommendations we prefer Canada Goose because of the better pricing, better accessibility, and excellent variety. What about you?

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