Soak Up The Sun (With Your Q&Q Watch)

soak sun watch qq hero final
It’s almost that time – everyone’s favorite holiday. Earth Day (April 22nd you guys – jeeze) – and we know the perfect way to celebrate- by purchasing a watch.

Q&Q (Quest for Quality) SmileSolar watches are an insane collection of waterproof watches in rubber or canvas – that are maintenance free – and get this, battery-free. Yup, these guys are perfect for Earth Day because they’re solar-powered. All you need is some fun in the sun and you’re good to go. The watch’s solar-powered system will continue operating for up to 3.5 months – and that’s after one single charge. The collection also incorporates new and recycled materials. Did we mention the bold selection of colors available? You can go solid white, solid black and everything in between.

The Japanese brand was created in 1976 and has arrived to America (finally) with the SmileSolar collection. There are 15 styles to choose from (the color-block versions are our favorite) in a perfect selection of styles for summer. You’re going to want each and every one of them, and for $40 dollars, why not? Easy, eco-friendly and great looking.

As if you needed any more motivation, with every purchase of a Q&Q’s solar watch, the brand will donate a portion of the proceeds to Table for Two – a non-profit company that delivers healthy school lunches to children in need.

So this Earth Day, buy yourself a watch, and go a little green. Or blue. Or red. Or black.

Check out the full collection of watches here. 

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