QLOCKTWO tells you the time with text

If you couldn’t tell from our previous posts in the fashion section, we’ve got a soft spot for watches. Ever since cell phones happened, it seems that watchmakers have become more concerned with style and aesthetics than pure utility. The device that once straddled the line between fashion and function has increasingly drifted toward the side of fashion, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Now more than ever, designers aren’t afraid to focus on form and leave function as an afterthought

If you’re as enamored with timepieces as we are, you’ve probably got a well-curated collection of analogs for every occasion, but QLOCKTWO W is unlike any other you might already have in your drawer. You won’t find any hands or numbers on its sharp, square face – just a matrix of 110 letters arranged in a seemingly random fashion.

When you need to know the time, just press the single button on the side and the watch strategically illuminates certain letters, telling you the time in plain English (or German or French if you prefer). Words are displayed at five-minute intervals (five past eight, quarter to nine, etc.) while four small dots give the precise time in minutes. Additional functions can be accessed by pressing the button again – twice to bring up the calendar date, or three times to get the exact time in seconds.  It’s the same award-winning design Biegert & Funk used in the original QLOCKTWO, just slimmed down and optimized for your wrist.

In terms of materials, the 35x35mm casing is made from high-quality stainless steel with a black or brushed finish, and comes with a 0.94 inch leather strap. At $770, it’s clearly not a cheap timepiece, but still a steal in comparison to most luxury watches. Find out more on the Biegert & Funk website.

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