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Ready for a comeback? PUMA’s Easy Rider is back

PUMA Easy Rider

With many sneakers coming back in recent seasons, PUMA is getting ready to blow them all out of the water. Once again, one of the company’s staple sneaker designs is ready to grace shelves and give us the true retro sneaker. While still iconic and recognizable, there’s no doubt that PUMA’s Easy Rider sneaker was the beginning of a new era for the casual sneaker, and to many regarded as one of the first of its kind. 

With its unique shape and sole design, the Easy Rider made waves as it changed the way jogging occurred from on the track and into the streets. Although many other brands have ruled the sneaker game for some time, PUMA’s Easy Rider is still the benchmark for sneakers and its influence remains untouchable.

The era of the Easy Rider

man in vintage style photo wearing Easy Rider

First released in the ‘70s, PUMA’s Easy Rider became an iconic sneaker that appealed to style gurus and casual athletes alike. Being one of the first outdoor-specific sneakers with shock-absorbing soles, the Easy Rider was able to mix design with style. One of the early jogging sneakers, this iconic design set a new precedent for PUMA and set the pace for years. While the design slowly became less sought after, it’s back once more in the midst of the Y2K renaissance. 

Back with its familiar wedge shape and back heel counter, the Easy Rider is once again ready to take on the streets with its shock-absorbing characteristics. These new versions of the sneakers also come with studded gum soles that mimic the look of the original sneaker. In its 2024 rerelease, the Easy Rider is back with two fascinating colors and a variety of sizes made for all. Added onto these familiar designs, the Easy Rider also has lightweight nylon and padding on them, to make them easy for design, jogging, and more. 

What to know about PUMA’s Easy Rider

man sitting on coach wearing PUMA easy rider

Long after its original 1977 release year, PUMA decided to rerelease this vintage and timeless design on March 28th on and the PUMA app. This new rerelease comes on the heels of a previous launch which saw a vintage Easy Rider-inspired sneakers that were released back in January.

Unlike its release in 1977, the Easy Rider will come in black and yellow colors. These hues are meant to represent a link to the retro and original era of the design. As well, these designs come in all sizes for the entire family. Both colors will start at $90 for adult sizes and can also be found in person at the NYC flagship store and select PUMA stores. With PUMA’s Easy Rider rerelease, the brand will certainly bring back many of its vintage and retro designs that once ruled the streets.

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