PEdALED Menswear: Geared for Life

So you’ve committed to biking to work and signed up for a bike share. But what to wear while pedaling across town to that early breakfast client meeting? Consider PEdALED, possibly the sharpest looking line of jackets, tops and bottoms you’ll ever see with real cyclist functionality, so you won’t ever have to switch outfits at work. There’s even a feel-good, sustainable backstory.

Disillusioned with the pace of fast fashion, PEdALED founder Hideto Suzuki left his post as a top designer for one of Japan’s biggest fashion houses in search of a less ephemeral approach to design. Along the way, he met a Canadian who taught him how to build log cabins, and Suzuki decided he needed to design objects with sincerity. PEdALED was then born from Suzuki’s passion for cycling, superb craftsmanship and intelligent design, combining natural fabrics such as hemp, linen and organic cotton with soft tailoring and functional details including ventilation and reflective panels. Based in Tokyo, Suzuki now designs two collections a year, including $45 caps to $500 reflective denim jackets, and currently sells his designs to specialty stores like Huckleberry Bicycles in San Francisco, Hub & Bespoke in Seattle and Lizard Lounge in Portland. He also won gold last year at the prestigious Eurobike fair for his “Urban Jacket,” a special waterproof but breathable cotton-blend jacket designed with unique ergonomic sleeves, a “rip open” quick-release zipper with an adjustable hood and elastic hem and buttons made from Brooks England leather scrap. We recently caught up with Suzuki to ask him about his red-hot brand of cycling lifestyle apparel and what’s in store.

What were some of the most critical features that you addressed when you first launched the collection?

Comfortability! PEdALED was built on the idea of “Freedom of Movement.” Breathable fabrics and stylish functionality have been staples of PEdALED from the beginning.

What are some of the new products you’ll be introducing for fall?

This Fall/Winter we are happy announce the new “Born Again” capsule collection, which features pieces constructed from reused military materials or vintage cycling garments. I am partial to using recycled fabric. I dislike the smell of gunpowder and argument. I like the scent of nature and peace. I reused the military materials so they are born again.

What are some must-have items?

Any urban cyclist needs a cycling cap. It’s a must. But overall, safety first, so I think any of the reflective apparel is a necessity as well.

Do you cycle everywhere?

When the time and the traffic allows me to!

How many miles do you ride a day/week?

I never really counted. I just keep riding.

What do you think about Citibikes in NYC and other urban bike initiatives?

PEdALED is an acronym for “Pedal Earth Diving.” Cycling is a lifestyle one must embrace and encompass in his or her daily routine, rain or shine. Making cycling accessible is expanding the cycling lifestyle, which is always a good thing as long as safety remains any bike initiative’s main priority.

What are some of the most common requests you get from consumers?

Bikes. PEdALED has set the bar high when it comes to cycling-wear, so many customers would like to see an actual PEdALED bicycle.

Are you collaborating with anyone?

This Spring/Summer we launched a collaboration with the Italian shoe company Diemme Footwear. The new summer bike shoe comes equipped with reflective detailing and waterproof leather. Diemme Footwear is known for its quality, so naturally a collaboration with PEdALED and Diemme was a must.

Finally, any plans for stores?

No retail stores at the moment, but our stockists and the overall brand will continue to grow and expand in the coming years.


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