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Parachute Launches New Organic Cotton Collection

Picture this: Returning home from an eight-hour day at work, taking off your shoes, pouring a glass of wine, and plopping into the coziest and comfiest bedding of your life. Sounds dreamy right? Enter Parachute, a company that has worked around the clock to make those dreams come true. If this is your first time hearing of a brand called Parachute, then congratulations, welcome to the club, and yes, you will become an addict.

Parachute is a brand that brings comfort to your world via the creation of premium quality robes, sheets, towels, rugs, and all things soft, fluffy and delightful. Home is everything (don’t come at us extroverts!), that’s why founder and CEO of Parachute, Ariel Kaye, has put quality first to create impeccable bedding and home essentials that make you truly feel at home.

A man sleeping with a plush quilt in his bedroom.

From expert Portuguese craftspeople to a fourth-generation American mattress maker – their manufacturers craft Parachute’s home essentials using only the finest materials. As if that’s not impressive enough, the brand has made a huge commitment to increase their sustainability efforts. To start 2022 off on the best note possible, the brand made a major sustainability pledge to become Certified Climate Neutral by April of this year.

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Parachute’s Sustainability Pledge

  • They’re committed to becoming certified carbon neutral by Earth Day 2022.
  • They’re introducing circular programs in 2022. They’ll launch their first circular program – the Recycled Down Pillow – which is made of sanitized down from returned Parachute pillows with a recycled cotton shell.
  • A selection of products will be GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)-certified – meaning the entire supply chain meets stringent ecological and social criteria and are free of harmful chemicals, pesticides, and residues.
  • Their core products are Oeko-Tex-certified – meaning they are free from high levels of over 100 harmful substances known to be dangerous to humans and the environment.
  • They purchase their down materials from an RDS-certified supplier, meaning the down comes from humanely treated ducks and geese, as well as upholds The Five Freedoms of animal welfare.
  • Starting in 2022, a selection of their furniture pieces will be FSC-certified – and in 2024, 100% of their wood will be sustainably sourced, with over 50% FSC-certified. This certification ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social, and economic benefits.
  • Beginning in 2022, Parachute is committed to sourcing only Fair-Trade Certified rugs – meaning they meet rigorous social, environmental, and economic standards, including safe working conditions, environmental protection, sustainable livelihoods, and community development funds.

Parachute’s New Launch

A major moment for the brand and without a doubt one of the most exciting launches of the year, is the launch (February 8) of Parachute’s first-ever Organic Collection made from organic cotton, featuring bedding and towels that are GOTS-certified. This isn’t something you’ll want to miss! We have personally tried the products out and can say with 100% assurance that they will be your softest, comfiest, and most worthwhile investment of the year.

This Organic Collection will be a permanent offering at Parachute, comprised of naturally soft bedding sets, ultra-cozy quilts, quick-drying, plush bath towels, robes, and irresistible loungewear for men and women. Designed entirely in-house, and manufactured by expert craftspeople across the world, this collection brings the outside in with a crisp, clean minimalist finish and is available in a range of seven grounding colors — Reed, Willow, Bisque, Sand, Flax, Pebble, and White.

Parachute’s Organic Collection

Organic Cotton Venice Bedding Set

Parachute Organic Venice Set.

Their signature bedding set is named after Parachute’s California hometown. Designed without a top sheet (because that’s their favorite way to sleep) it has everything you need to upgrade your bed. The set includes one fitted sheet, one pillowcase set, and one duvet cover.

Organic Cotton Pillowcase Set

Two pillows covered in organic cotton pillowcases from Parachute.

Rest easy with these comfy cotton pillowcases. Available in their signature back envelope closure and a traditional side open style, so you can choose what makes you happy. Naturally soft and made of 100% certified organic cotton.

Organic Cotton Sheet Set

A close-up of Parachute's brown cotton sheet.

The start to making your perfect bed. Sink into naturally soft sheets with this certified organic cotton set. All pieces are garment dyed and washed for a muted, natural look and lived-in feel — and finished with a clean, simple seam. It includes one fitted sheet and one pillowcase set.

Organic Cotton Duvet Cover

A duvet cover and two pillows stacked on top of each other.

Protect your duvet insert while keeping cozy; this cover feels as good as it looks.

Organic Air Cotton Sham Set

A stack of pillows from Parachute.

Feels good, looks good, does good — this fluffy sham set is made from layers of premium organic cotton and washed for the perfect lived-in finish. Soft as a cloud (and just as dreamy) they’ll give your pillows an airy elegance.


Organic Air Cotton Quilt

Parachute Organic Cotton Quilt.

Call it a day, and wrap yourself up in this lofty organic cotton quilt.  It’s also the perfect layer to pair with the rest of their Organic Bedding Collection, with a relaxed-yet-elegant look that’s well-suited to draping across the bed.

Organic Cotton Knit Throw

Parachute Organic Cotton Throw.

Keep this chunky organic cotton throw close at hand for your next movie night or impromptu afternoon nap. The thick knit stitch adds cozy texture to super-soft cotton yarns – which make it light enough for year-round use. It’s the perfect everyday staple to pair with the rest of your bedding (whether or not it stays in the bedroom).


Organic Cotton Towels

A stack of Parachute towels, from smallest to largest, on plain background.

Nature meets nurture in these simply perfect towels. Made of organic cotton for a natural, softly nubby texture — they’re finished with a clean hem and hanging loop on the back. Go au naturel with this soft, absorbent and quick-drying collection.

Organic Cotton Tub Mat

An organic cotton tub mat from Parachute.

Step onto something more comfortable with this soft, absorbent, and quick-drying tub mat. Made of organic cotton for a natural, softly nubby texture — and finished with a clean, simple hem.


Organic Cotton Robe

A man wearing an organic cotton robe from Parachute.

Ease into your day (or evening) with this 100% organic cotton robe — made of a soft and stretchy jersey knit, reminiscent of your favorite tee. Features an extra-long length, relaxed fit, two hip pockets, folded collar and secure waist tie. Designed for effortless layering and mixing-and-matching.

Men’s Organic Cotton Tee

A man wearing an organic cotton tee from Parachute against a studio background.

An effortless, everyday tee made of 100% organic cotton in a soft and stretchy jersey knit. With an easy, oversized silhouette and light, airy weight, it’s perfect for snoozing or just lying back. Throw it on over jeans in the morning or go all-in with matching pants.

Men’s Organic Cotton Pant

A man posing and wearing a pair of organic cotton pants from Parachute.

Breeze through your day in our effortless, everyday pants — made of 100% organic cotton in a soft and stretchy jersey knit. With an easy, drawstring waist and light, airy weight, they’re perfect for snoozing or just lying back. Pair with a cozy sweater for WFH vibes, go all-in with a matching tee, or mix things up with the rest of their loungewear.

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