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Mitchell Evan Debuts Line of Military-Inspired Menswear

Moved by stories of his grandfather’s service in WWII, designer Mitchell Evan Sandler created Mitchell Evan, a new line of military-inspired luxury menswear.

Sandler recounts visiting the attic in his grandfather’s Virginia home when he was younger, where he’d sit, rummaging through old trunks full of army jackets, medals and other keepsakes.

“It was always a reward growing up, getting to go and play with his heirlooms from the war,” begins Sandler.

“I loved holding them in my hands and hearing the stories about them. I particularly liked trying on my grandfather’s jackets and imagining him wearing them.”

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Sandler was drawn to the style of the era, both in the clothing’s utilitarian look as well as in its deeper significance to his family’s history. As he found himself becoming interested in pursuing fashion design, he realized that he wanted to create a collection for the modern man with a nod to this military aesthetic.

“Pursuing this became a way for me to honor my family. Each piece feels like an homage to my grandfather, a tribute to the American military heritage,” says Sandler.

One sees this inspiration in the collection’s hearty fabrics and in its use of the military’s dark color palette. Though the jackets, sweaters and pants in the line are structured and durable, they have a lightness to them that allows for mobility. The cut is sleek, with lines that are tight and crisp.

“In our designs, we were most interested in the textures and colors of the military style, not necessarily in its heaviness. We wanted to create pieces that had a slim fit and could move with our customer, pieces that retain a certain heartiness while still being breathable.”

For a look at the full collection, go here.

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