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The Manual Wind 2014 Watch of the Year: Tudor Black Bay Blue

The 2014 year in watches is coming to a close.  The variety of timepieces reviewed here on The Manual Wind has ranged from the practically unobtainable high end, to well designed values.  The common trend of the past few years and even more so in 2014 has been the tribute timepiece.  Brands celebrating their history with new versions of old designs was the dominant theme and expect to see more for 2015.


Personally, being immersed in the watch industry allows me to be hands on with many timepieces.  After careful consideration of both the pieces I have encountered as well as reviewed, I  have a pick for watch of the year.  This timepiece to me is one that not only has great design and a reliable movement, but is a good value and investment.  For 2014, the watch that encompasses it all, residual value, design, reliability, and fair price point is the Tudor Black Bay Blue.

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Tudor-Heritage-Black-Bay-Blue-dial-and-bezel-detailThis 40mm timepiece is the anchor of the Tudor brand in the United States.  Solidly built, this Rolex cousin shares some attributes with the classic Rolex Submariner but still stays true to Tudor heritage.  The snowflake hour hand and matte dial have a vintage essence to the old Tudor subs.  Solidly built, The Black Bay Blue is water resistant with a screw down crown and comes on a very well made bracelet and additional NATO strap.  Introduced with the blue bezel this year, the Black Bay changed its personality from being more of a weekender in red to being an all around pick for your wrist in blue.

Priced at a retail of $3,425 and holding great residuals on the secondary market, the Tudor Black Bay Blue is no question my strong buy recommendation when your bonus comes through in the first quarter.  History, reliability, design, versatility, and value.  The Tudor Black Bay Blue has it all and is The Manual Wind watch of the year.   Inquire about purchasing one here.

Editors' Recommendations

The Manual Wind: The Tattooed Bell & Ross BR-01 Burning Skull Watch
Bell & Ross Skull Watch BR-01

All watch enthusiasts want something unique on their wrist.  Whether walking into the office, or walking into the local watering hole, no guy wants to see another dude with the same timepiece on. The custom timepiece market has been increasing in popularity for just this reason. Brands like Bamford Watch Co are taking classic timepieces from Rolex, Patek Philippe, and others, and making them unique to the wearer. Using coatings, colors, and even case engravings to do so, masterpieces are being made all around.  Bell and Ross, being a fashion forward brand, has seen the trend and taken matters into their own hands creating their latest limited edition, the Burning Skull watch.

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The Manual Wind: Grandiose Black Ceramic Grand Seiko Limited Edition Series
grand seiko black ceramic limited edition

The Quartz battery operated timepiece and the brand Seiko are synonymous.  Putting Japan on the watch export map, millions of quartz timepieces made their way around the world starting in the 1960’s.  Grand Seiko, the mechanical brand under the Seiko umbrella, quietly stood next to the computer chip driven giant for years.  With the rise in popularity of mechanical watches thereafter, Grand Seiko has maintained its presence. Their latest collection, the Black Ceramic Limited Edition Series, is their attempt at a high-end, modern sport timepiece.

Offered in both a GMT and Chronograph GMT, these pieces are both 46mm in diameter. Sharp angles on the case and lugs make the piece dramatically modern.  The fixed GMT bezel, crown, and pushers blend well with the case serving more as function where they could have been over-designed parts of the case.  The pieces are offered in a few dial variations.  The GMT comes in a black dial with brown strap or blue dial with black strap and accompanying blue stitch.  The chronograph is offered in a black dial with brown strap as well as a very unique green dial with black strap.  The green dial Chronograph GMT seems to be the piece to obtain.  The dial has the imprint of a fir tree representing the 1,200 year old local tradition of carrying a fir tree down the mountainside not far from where this timepiece was made.  Under the dial lies the in-house caliber spring driven automatic movement.  Its accuracy is tested to under ten seconds differential a month.  The movement is displayed through a sapphire exhibition case back.

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The Manual Wind: Tudor Black Bay Bronze
Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze

If you frequent The Manual Wind, it is apparent that I am a Tudor fan.  The Tudor Pelagos and the Black Bay are two of the best watches on the market. Quality, attention to detail, classic design, and, of course, value brings it home for me. Tudor’s obvious bread winner, the Black Bay, has slowly progressed from an individual watch to an entire lineup. This year Tudor really fertilized this Black Bay family tree. Two new additions and an update were introduced, one being their new Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze that I was fortunate enough to get my hands on. They are still quite hard to find, barely hitting the dealer showcases, and with good reason. This timepiece is awesome.

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