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Lord & Taylor Launches New Menswear Collection “Laboratory”

lord taylor launches new online portal mens fashion laboratory lt
Luxury department store Lord & Taylor has just debuted Laboratory, a new line of menswear that seeks to provide customers with designs that meld the brand’s classic style with looks that are undeniably of-the-moment.

“We’re always trying to stay relevant,” starts Nelson Mui, Men’s Fashion Director for Hudson’s Bay and Lord & Taylor.

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“So, we wanted to assemble a collection that spoke to a new generation of fashion-forward guys, who are as inspired by street style as they are by fashions off the runway. Laboratory isn’t just about the brands we bring in—it’s more about creating a space for guys to explore looks that are bold, aggressive and trendy.”


The brands featured in Laboratory (including Eleven Paris,  American Stitch, Reason and Strand and WESC to name a few) help to establish this space with tops that bear lively and energetic prints and pants that are stream-lined and tailored. The fabrics vary, from cotton all the way to satin, while maintaining a fit that is crisp and slim.

And though Laboratory draws inspiration from looks featured on the catwalk, it was crucial to keep prices reasonable.

“It was important for us to make sure the pieces we selected were ones that our guys could actually afford,” explains Mui.

“Most of the items in the collection are priced at $100 or less, which we feel allows our guy the ability to experiment across the collection as opposed to investing in only one or two pieces.”

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This season marks the launch of the collection, but Mui is confident that Laboratory will continue to grow over the course of many years.

“We’ve already gotten great feedback from customers who say they love and are enthusiastic about the collection. The great thing about Laboratory is that it will always be evolving. We’re at an exciting moment in men’s fashion and we want to make sure that the collection reflects all of the shifts, changes and trends occurring in menswear from season to season.”

Take a look at the full collection, here.

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