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Jeremy Fish Teams Up With Element

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Who is the artist Jeremy Fish? According to his friend, Aesop Rock, “At first glance, Fish’s images seem to be rooted in an alternate world — a world where gnomes travel via saddled dachshund-back and birds of all nations hatch adorned with the heads and hairstyles of every human stereotype imaginable,” said the Portland-based indie rapper. “The bold, precise outlines give his ideas an immediate impact, but it’s the aftertaste that really cuts deep. Everything comes with a story. I have never known Jeremy to create something without a reason for it to exist and an accompanying tale.”

That’s exactly why skateboard brand Element teamed up with the San Francisco-based artist, placing his “Zipper Series” on the board for summer 2015. “Exploring the theme of evolution and authenticity, his whimsical designs have been re-tooled for our hardwood series and apparel collection,” says the brand. On one t-shirt, and unzipped fish reveals a bottle with the Element logo on it. On a skateboard a bear is unzipped, revealing a tree and a dog. Another t-shirt shows an unzipped circle with a bird wearing a wizard’s hat. The pieces are wearable, but also fun and quirky. So if you’re looking for some t-shirts to update your wardrobe, or a new skateboard, or even just shoes and swim trunks, take a look at Jeremy Fish’s collaboration with Element. Where do you go to look? Check out your local skate shops and grab the items you want before the sell out, because trust us, Jeremy Fish X Element is a hot-ticket item.
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