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The IWC Top Gun watch now comes in 2 more colors (and they’re stunning)

This watch is the perfect wingman

IWC Top Gun black

Two decades after Tom Cruise suited up and brought renown and recognition to the U.S. Navy’s elite fighter pilot school in Top Gun, IWC watches became the first brand allowed to use the name of the exclusive school. The IWC Colors of Top Gun premiered in 2007. That may have been the beginning of the Top Gun watches, but the Swiss watch brand is not only known for its luxury watches; it’s also known for its pilot watch specifically.

IWC spent decades perfecting the iconic timepieces of the skies, and the Top Gun collection continued and improved upon the tradition with some of the best men’s watches designed for the “Need for Speed.” Each one is a descendant of the double chronograph with the day/date features. They initially came in Oceana (blue), Jet Black, and Lake Tahoe (white). They are all ceramic-cased and monochromatic watches, giving you the sleekest look for your time in the cockpit (or watching Tom Cruise in the cockpit). These are some of the best watches for men, and now IWC is adding to the roster with two more colors to give you even more options to look great.

IWC Top Gun Woodland

IWC Top Gun Woodland

Top Gun is the top school in the world, meant for elite naval aviators. The Woodland is inspired by the green flight suits worn by these pilots. It’s also paying homage to the wooded areas these aviators fly over. “Maverick” may have limited his dogfighting over the water in Top Gun, but the truth is these guys do the most dangerous job in the world over every terrain, including the woodland areas of the planet.

IWC Top Gun Mojave Desert

IWC Top Gun Mojave Desert

The oceans and the seas are not the only areas around the world that need protection from the sky. Those who graduate from Top Gun sometimes find themselves looking out for the skies over the desert. The Mojave Desert is designed to pay homage to those who look to protect us over the scorching hot barren wastelands like that of China Lake, home to the Top Gun school.

Whether you’re strapping up to man the cockpit of a fighter jet and learn the lost art of dogfighting like “Maverick,” “Goose,” “Iceman,” “Viper,” and “Jester,” or you are strapping on the watch to get the looks of envy from those at the family barbecue, the new “Colors of Top Gun” additions are the picks that will keep you the center of attention.

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