Hugh and Crye Launch Blazers

hugh and crye launch blazers

If you know your collar and shirt size off the top of your head raise your hand. We thought so. Shirt measurements are often something that escapes the modern man’s head. We do have many other things to be worrying about.

That is why DC shirting company, Hugh and Crye started offering shirts by body type. Fits range from short/skinny to tall/broad and everything in between. And their fit guide is easy to understand.

Recently the company forayed into the blazer world and launched a capsule collection available on their site. The L’Enfant collection was named after Charles L’Enfant, the famed American architect and civil engineer who designed the layout and design of most of Washington D.C.

The blazers are made with a light and durable wool that can be worn year round, a chest pocket and two flap pockets, double vented back and functional cuffs. They also come in 12 sizes from lean to athletically built men. Their blazers are called ‘buggy-backs’, the reason being the owners told us is that, “it refers to the shape of the half lined back of the blazer. The curved two-piece lining that overlaps across the back and covers the shoulders. Half-lined gives just enough form and structure without the bulk  often found in fully lined blazers.” Go forth and impress the ladies with this nugget of sartorial knowledge.

The boys also gave us a little more background on their blazers explaining that, “We wanted a light weight blazer that could be worn year round – dressed up or worn casually, and a great piece for layering. Our blazers have softer shoulders, and are half-lined, giving them a more casual and wearable quality that you expect with lighter colored fabrics. We stuck with darker, classic fabrics, including looser weave hopsack wools, as a more classic alternative.”

What we also appreciate is the price. Since the brand is direct to consumer, prices are much lower since they are online only, avoid the middle man and retail markups.

They also have ‘Awwww’ factor with their support of Martha’s Table, a charity that  provides food and clothing to underprivileged people in the DC area. Hugh and Crye will also gladly take your old gently used shirts and give them to Martha’s Table and give you 10% off your next purchase. Not a bad deal.

The company only works with family owned mills and fabrics that meet the Oeko-Tex standards and manufacturers who are part of either WRAP or BSCI or both.  This is some serious feel good clothing people! Gap, are you listening?