You’re Hanging Your Sweaters Wrong. Here’s How To Do it Correctly

how to hang a sweater without stretching

Though it might not sound like a particularly complicated endeavor, hanging a sweater is tricky business — if you want to avoid wrinkles and stretches, that is.

As you’ve probably noticed, sweaters are heavier and more elastic than most other articles of clothing you’ve got in your closet, so when you toss them on a hanger, they tend to sag and stretch out around the shoulder area — sometimes leading to unsightly bumps and billows in the fabric when you put them on. But not to worry; we’ve got the lowdown on a handy trick that allows you to hang a sweater without stretching it. Peep game:

Step one:

Fold your sweater in half, vertically

Step two:

Place the hanger on top, so that the hook sticks out from the armpit

Step three:

Told the thick end over the hanger arm, followed by the sleeves.

Step four:

Voila! You’re done! Hang that mofo UP!