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The Ekster Parliament Wallet is a Perfect RFID-Protected Everyday Carry Option

Now that cash is being accepted in fewer and fewer places thanks to COVID-19, it’s more important than ever to have plastic on hand to pay for your socially distanced drinks, dinner, and anything else you’ve done to try to find out what the new normal is for you. With that in mind, the type of wallet you need now has changed as well. You can say goodbye to big and bulky wallets that make you sit awkwardly in favor of a slim wallet that will hold only the necessities. One wallet that offers not only enough space for your cards and a little cash but a slew of other benefits is the Ekster Parliament Wallet.

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Ekster smart waller

At just .59-inch thin and able to hold up to 10 cards (four to six in the built-in aluminum cardholder and four more in the pocket strap), the Parliament is handcrafted from top-grain leather that was tanned under LWG-certified protocols and comes in four colorways (Blush Beige, Merlot Red, Roma Cognac, and Steel Blue).

With so much focus on credit cards and non-cash transactions these days, Ekster has you covered as well. Built-in RFID technology prevents skimmers from stealing your information, allowing you to feel even safer while six feet from humanity.

Our favorite benefit of the Parliament wallet isn’t part of the wallet itself, but a (completely necessary, in our eyes) add-on, the Ekster Tracker Card. With the Ekster Tracker, you will literally never be able to lose the wallet. Say you went out for a buddy’s socially distant bachelor party and had a few too many. You remember getting back to your apartment, and you remember pulling your wallet out to order Papa John’s, but upon waking up, you can’t seem to find your wallet – and while the pizza was definitely worth it, having one’s wallet takes precedence in the cold light of morning. All you need to do is boot up the Chipolo app on your phone and you can either call the solar-powered, Bluetooth-enabled, .1”-thick Tracker or look on a map where you last had your wallet. (Lost your phone but have your wallet? You can double tap the button on the Tracker card and it will cause your phone to ring even if it’s on silent.)

The Ekster Parliament Wallet retails for $89. The Ekster Tracker Card is sold separately and retails for $49.

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