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Declare Your Rebel or Imperial Allegiance With Columbia Sportswear’s New Star Wars Jackets

Whether you’ve chosen the easier path — the path of power, the Dark Side — and thrown in your lot with the Empire or you’re boldly fighting along with the Rebellion and walking on the Light Side of the Force, there’s one thing people on both sides of the struggle can agree on: It’s no fun being cold.

On Friday, December 6, Columbia Sportswear is releasing a special run of collectible jackets that will not only keep you plenty warm this winter, but will also let you show off your Light Side or Dark Side allegiance to fellow Star Wars fans. The new coats, made in collaboration with Lucas Film, come in two variations: a black coat emblazoned with Imperial icons or an off-white and gray jacket with the Rebel logo.

Star Wars Columbia Sportswear 2019
Columbia Sportswear

Both jackets also feature additional Star Wars references and coded messages, like the vehicle ID for Luke’s X-Wing Fighter and the Death Star written in Aurebesh, the language of the Star Wars universe. The lining of the coats features a lightsaber schematic print and colors modeled from the Star Wars archives.

Hardcore Star Wars fans will love these jackets, but thanks to the overall subtlety of their design, even people who can’t tell Mos Eisley from Grand Moff Tarkin will appreciate them as good-looking, warm coats more than suitable for use during cold weather here in our corner of this galaxy. The jackets feature a half-zip design with a large kangaroo pocket and an insulated hood. The cuffs feature adjustable velcro bands and there’s a pocket on one sleeve perfect for a phone, a lift pass, or a copy of the Deathstar plans.

Columbia produced an initially limited run of these coats, which will retail for $200. If past Lucas Film and Columbia Sportswear partnerships are good predictors, they’ll be gone fast. Some will be available in stores, but starting at 12:01 a.m. EST on Friday, December, your best bet is shopping online.

Good luck! Or rather, may the Force be with you! Unless you’re on the Dark Side, in which case may it not.

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