Travel Smarter and Lighter with the Current Classic Backpack

classic backpack
As a frequent traveler, I’m always on the lookout for the perfect bag to take with me on a plane.

I’m not talking about a roller bag or a carry-on though–I’m more interested in a smaller bag that can fit under my seat, but still offer ample room for all the stuff I like to keep close at hand on a flight (toiletries, laptop, phone charger, a spare change of clothes, and of course, snacks).

Sometimes when traveling, I just need a backpack (mostly for short trips), and the Classic Backpack from Current Bag Co., which you can find on Kickstarter here, was just the ticket for a recent weekend trip to Whistler, British Columbia. Not only is the bag TSA compliant, it features a fully-integrated battery pack that sports a large enough capacity that you can charge your smartphone four times and your tablet twice. The battery itself is hidden away in an inside pocket, but is easily accessible via a cord that runs through a small, weather-proof slot in the side of the pack. I cannot express how handy this feature was when I found myself on not one, but two short-haul flights on tiny prop-planes that, of course, were not updated with the latest in USB seat charging like you find on more recent larger planes.

Beyond its spectacular charging capabilities, Current’s classic backpack sports a separate padded laptop pocket, perfect for easy access when blasting through airport security and you don’t already have TSA Pre-check. Along with the laptop section, a front passport pocket with secure zipper keeps your vital identification in close reach. The easy magnet snaps that cover the larger pocket (which the passport pocket resides in) are a breeze to use and much more pleasant than fiddling with stuck zippers or useless cinches.

Made from water resistant nylon with a tear-resistant PU-coated bottom, the classic backpack is sturdy and strong. It held up to my throwing it on airport and plane floors, a couple of bar floors in Whistler, and the ice-covered concrete at the base of a ski-lift–and it still looks brand new. The main compartment was large enough for me to store a change of clothes, a scarf, an electric handwarmer (I was going to Canada, after all), a hat, leather gloves, a book, a notebook, pen, Gummy Bears, chips, and a water bottle–and there was still room left over.

Overall, this bag was one of the better all-in-one travel backpacks that I’ve tested. The fact that its Kickstarter campaign is already fully-funded can also attest to that. If you’re interested in getting a classic backpack yourself, there are still plenty of opportunities to back the company. For only $110 in backing you can get the classic backpack along with 10,000 mAh battery pack, which costs between $40-60 separately. So, not only are you getting a great backpack, but the battery to power all your travels. Current Bag Co. is also offering their “Move” backpack, which is more streamlined and less expensive–perfect for those who challenge themselves to travel light.

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