Casual Travel Luxury: Grand Trunk

Grand Trunk
Whether you’re heading to the beach for the weekend, down the trail for a week, or roughing it in your favorite hotel, traveling without the best luxury comforts is a gamble you don’t want to make. The right set of campfire and beach accessories makes the difference between catching the perfect sunset from your hammock, and getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. If you’re looking for that camp hammock, beach sun shade or just a few little extras to make your weekend a little more enjoyable, look no further than the summer line from our friends over at Grand Trunk.

Founded in 2002 by a couple of friends after doing some backpacking and hammock camping in Thailand, Grand Trunk quickly developed a reputation with their line up of “Goods For The Road”. The original travel hammock was the anchor in the beginning, and now more than ten years later it remains mostly unchanged from its initial simplicity. Made with parachute nylon, the Double Hammock ($65) easily packs into a built in stuff sack, and weighs in at twenty ounces. Paired with a set of Tree Slings ($20), you’ll be ready enjoy a campfire snooze with your favorite lady. Perfect California sunset not included.

Their travel accessories are a little more suited for the urban adventurer. The Sleep Sack ($70) is perfectly built for business travelers spending a few nights on the road and in the occasional questionable hotel linen. It works as a sleeping bag liner for warm weather camping in a pinch as well. The Beach Pack ($130) provides a great package to keep in your car or gear closet for last minute weekend getaways or the summer festival scene. It features a nylon beach blanket, sun shelter, and eco friendly travel bag to keep it all organized. So forget about fighting the dreaded sand wedgie and second degree sunburn and get out there for some summer adventures with Grand Trunk.

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