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Try Nordstrom Trunk Club to Get Your Next Super-Suave Outfit — at No Extra Cost

Subscription boxes are a fantastic way to break into new fashions and styles, especially if you want some support picking out great outfits. There are a ton of different bundles and services if you want to try them, some better than others, of course. Without question, the one that takes personalized styling seriously is Nordstrom’s Trunk Club. It’s pretty ingenious how it all works, and how they decide the best styles for your person. That explains why they point out “it’s no ordinary clothing subscription box!”

How does it all work? We’ll get to that in a minute, but perhaps one of the coolest things about the Trunk Club — or the most convenient, rather — is that it requires no recurring schedule or commitments. You’ll only get trunks after you request them, and you only have to keep and pay for what you like. Free shipping and returns are included, along with free exchanges, as well. You create a profile, answer some questions, and off you go! There is a little more to it, which we’ll explain in more detail below, or you can head over to Trunk Club now to check it out.

How Does Trunk Club Work?

Trunk Club clothes laid out.
Trunk Club/Facebook

The first thing you’ll do is participate in a style quiz, which asks for some information about how you like to wear your clothes, what kinds of styles you prefer, and more. For example, you can choose if you just want to find better fitting clothes, if you want some advice on outfits, or if you’re just looking to save a little time shopping. The questions help the styling team put together a personalized profile, so they know what to select and what to be on the lookout for!

After the quiz, Nordstrom’s excellent team of professional stylists will put together a trunk for you based on your profile. Yes, it takes into account your favorite styles and preferences, but it also considers your budget — there is a range of prices to fit any budget! It also prevents you from getting a trunk of expensive clothing items you’ll never keep! There’s no subscription required and there are no obligations. When you’re ready, you can request a trunk and the team will put one together. The trunk ships to your doorstep and you can try on all of the items before deciding whether or not you want to buy them. Don’t like the style, or don’t like how they fit? No problem, you can send any of it back. Free shipping and returns are always available, with free at-home pickups and FedEx drop-offs, whichever you prefer. You can also head to a Nordstrom store near you if you’d rather do it that way.

There is a $25 styling fee, which goes towards your purchase, but if you use a Nordstrom card, that fee is waived.

Trunk Club Perks To Sweeten the Deal

Man wearing suit from Nordstrom Trunk Club looking good.

Free shipping and returns are at the top of the docket, but you’ll also earn Nordstrom rewards, called Nordstrom Notes that you can redeem through Trunk Club, online at Nordstrom, and through Nordstrom Rack stores! You will have to be a Nordstrom cardmember, but it’s easy enough to apply! You can also earn referral credits towards future trunks by sending your friends to check it out! They’ll get $50 for using your referral link to sign-up, and you’ll get $50 once they spend their first $50, so everyone wins!

As for what goes into trunks, there are thousands of top Nordstrom brands in a wide range of styles and sizes, with something sure to match your personality and interests! Prices range from $50 to $300 per item, with selections designed to match your budget. Rest assured, the styling team uses the preferences you set to pick outfits so it’s all tailored to you. You don’t have to keep anything either, even after trying it on. If you don’t like it, just send it back, and that’s that! It’s an excellent way to try on new clothes and styles with absolutely no requirements or obligations. A real sweet deal, indeed.

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