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Pilgrim Surf Supply and Birdwell Beach Britches Just Made the Best New Boardshorts for Summer

Two lauded swim and surf brands have teamed up to reinvent a classic for the summer season and, without a doubt, the new Pilgrim Surf Supply x Birdwell Beach Britches collaboration makes perfect sense as you gear up to the head to the beach. In fact, one might go so far as to say this updated take on a legendary Birdwell Beach Britches silhouette qualifies as some of the best men’s swim trunks for summer.

For the uninitiated, Birdwell has been making their much-lauded boardshorts by hand for decades, using quality materials — specifically, surf-ready SurfNyl fabric (proprietary to the brand) which offers the kind of fit & mobility that lifeguards and surfers have appreciated since the early ’60s. On the other side, Pilgrim Surf Supply takes a decidedly East Coast take on surf and swimwear, with roots in Brooklyn that might surprise some — even if the region around New York City has nurtured the likes of other surf-oriented brands like Manhattan’s own Saturdays NYC.

The pairing between Pilgrim and Birdwell makes complete sense when you think about it, with Pilgrim providing a refreshing take on two much-loved Birdwell silhouettes. Throw in Birdwell’s lifetime guarantee, and you’ve got a must-buy pair of boardshorts. 

It starts with the Birdwell Pilgrim 311 Duotone Boardshorts, a new take on an old standby that’s far from your average pair of baggy swim trunks — in fact, you might never want to wear another pair of boardshorts again. These limited-edition boardshorts take the cake in terms of blending standout style with an even greater emphasis on functionality, featuring a duo (get it?) of cool color combos like Paprika and Dark Green. 

The similarly striking Birdwell Pilgrim 310 Tritone Boardshorts take things a step further, doing so in a way that’s entirely unique and yet subtly stylish all the same. Make no mistake, bright neon boardshorts, these are not. 

The striking mix of retro colors in alternating panels (a pleasing throwback-inspired blend of Paprika, Burgundy, and Tan) makes the Birdwell Pilgrim 310 Tritone Boardshorts unlike any other pair on the market — you’ll assuredly stand out the right way at the beach. 

You’re getting all the seriously cool features you expect from a pair of Birdwell boardshorts, including triple lacing and nickel-plated grommets for durability no matter how long you stay out in the surf. And the even better part? You won’t be spending an arm and a leg on either pair from the Pilgrim Surf Supply x Birdwell Beach Britches — these are priced to provide plenty of bang for your buck at $119, and you’ve got plenty of time to snap ‘em up in time for the rest of summer, while we’re at it.

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