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Make the Transition from Summer to Fall with these New Best Aviators

Best summer fall aviators, best aviators
As Labor Day passes and the mornings begin to get a little cooler, we’re looking ahead to Fall fashion while still expecting an Indian Summer in some regions of the U.S. And the perfect transition piece? These wicked best aviators that sport just the right mix of summer notes and fall flair.

Begin your transition from summer-to-fall now with the right pair of shades that can work with both swim trunks and a lumberjack flannel.

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The 7 best aviators to buy right now are…

Vuarnet Edge Pilot, $360

Vuarnet Edge Pilot sunglasses

With a unisex pilot-shape that suits most faces, we dig this cross-over Summer/Fall style from the iconic French eyewear brand Vuarnet. The Edge Pilot  offers 100% percent UV protection and 97% resistant against harmful blue light (this is light that reaches deeper into the eye to cause the most damage to the retina). Plus, we dig the molten, reflective Gold Flash treatment on the lenses, highlighted by deep acetate rims that emphasize the classic aviator shape.

Tom Ford Connor, $415

Tom Ford Connor sunglasses

Still riding high on our summer rose obsession (so what if it’s f*cking pink), we’re drawn to this elongated rose-gold pair from designer Tom Ford. Italian-made, this aviator style features a horn-inspired acetate brow bar and uniquely long lenses. The light color allows for easy pairing with both swim trunks and a lumberjack-plaid button down and will function as a standout accessory to your classic outfits.

Sunski Dipsea, $55

Sunski Dipsea sunglasses

Deep blue polarized lenses set in a rich tortoise frame; these shades are super light for a pair of sturdy aviators, and don’t give us the trademark nose indentations synonymous with this frame style. Bonus: Sunski offers a lifetime guarantee for every pair of their glasses, so get as wild as you want. It helps that the lenses are polarized and tuned for optical clarity, with a thermal coating for max durability. Meanwhile this colorway is both bright and earthy; perfect for your stylish transition into autumn.

Le Specs, The Prince Limited Edition, $89

Le Specs, The Prince Limited Edition sunglasses

Blending its European sensibility with throwback aviator classicism, Le Specs released The Prince Limited Edition shades as a futuristic update on heritage aviator features. These renovations include completely flat lenses and spring hinges for improved comfort. The lenses are wide, but not too bug-like, and the Silver Revo Mirror lenses channel old Cool Hand Luke vibes.

Ray Ban Outdoorsman Craft, $240

Ray Ban Outdoorsman Craft sunglasses

We couldn’t make a list of aviators and leave out the big-daddy, Ray Ban. A spin-off of their trademark shape, this pair was made for the outdoorsman and hitched with genuine deer leather and a hand-stitched leather brow bar, as well as leather temple pads (a feature you can’t find on any other Ray Ban offering). The unisex glasses are polarized in a light green lens that pairs well along the creamy leather coloring. Think upscale camo with a nod to the shades of the mountains.

Warby Parker Batten Large, $145

Warby Parker Batten Large

For all the men out there who struggle with the narrow width of most sunglasses, Warby Parker’s got your back. They slightly expanded their polished Batten aviators to account for wider faces, bringing this harvest gold-and-brown colorway (have you sensed a lustrous yellow trend happening with fall glasses?). An anti-scratch coating keeps the lenses clear and the ion-plated titanium frame makes you forget them on your face. We also love the hint of rust-red in the brown gradient lenses and earpiece coating, and are confident Hunter S. Thompson would sport these, which is a good enough indicator we need a pair.

Gucci #GG0107S, $400

Gucci #GG0107S sunglasses

Just in time for Halloween, these Made-In-Japan glasses from designer Gucci feature a wicked orange mirrored and grey skull-print pattern in the lenses, which totally makes up for the fact that these are Gucci. (They’re also100% OVA and UVB protectant.) The looks is both trick and treat, taking us back to the hologram glasses of our childhood… although the price tag is a bit more grown up. And yes, you can start wearing them now, even though it’s hardly September. If the grocery stores put out candy it means it’s Halloween season; I don’t care what anyone else says.

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