Warby Parker’s New Eye-Catching 2017 Collections

warby parker bennett frames

Four-eyed friends, rejoice! Warby Parker has released its first collection of 2017 and unlike most spectacle robber barons, these glasses start at just $95 for frames and lenses.

The new Spring collections are bold takes on classic designs and will perfectly frame your 2017-edition face.

warby parker spring 2017 collection

Moore frames

The new styles are in keeping with the company’s aesthetic of modern twists on classic frames. The Moore frames, for example, hint at the 1970s with big, wide lenses and a flat brow, but you won’t look like an extra from That 70s Show. The Durand lenses are about as traditional as you can get with their big rounded lens, but with that Warby Twist: two toned-colors.

Sure, you can opt for the traditional tortoiseshell for the traditional frame, but why not go for blue on top or clear on the bottom? Or even tortoiseshell and with red edges? If you’re going to wear the frames all the time, they might as well have some personality.

Warby Parker Durand frames

Durand frames

Or, if metal is more your style, hang on until February when Warby Parker releases their new metal frame collection for both glasses and sunglasses. With clean designs and metal accents, you’re sure to turn heads. Take the nod to the 80s and 90s with the Bennett sunglasses: ink brushed metal and colorful mirrored lenses, and a double brow bar. All other sunglasses will pale in comparison to your hip defense against UV light.

warby parker bennett frames

Bennett frames

Warby Parker makes it ridiculously easy to try on all the new styles with home try-ons. Pick out five at a time and for no cost, the frames arrive at your home or office. Try them on with different outfits, poll your friends, and send them back in the pre-paid box. Or, if you live in any of these states, head on down to their stores and try everything on!