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Style Upgrade: Basic Outfitters Stocks Your New Favorite Essentials

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If shopping in general can be a pain for some guys, shopping for basics is even more of a hassle — but not with Basic Outfitters.

The E-commerce brand is aiming to take the pain out of filling your top drawer efficiently, quickly and inexpensively. Sounds too good to be true, right? Not quite.

Basic Outfitters
Image used with permission by copyright holder

A 2015 addition to the E-commerce menswear game, Basic Outfitters launched after Michael and Laura Dweck noticed a void in the basics market — namely, a “gap between price, quality, and efficiency” when it came to great men’s underwear, tees and joggers. You know, the kind of pieces that you reach for on a casual weekend coffee run or a day working from home  — or heck, any day of the week. Helped by Laura’s background at global fashion labels like Onia and Michael’s business experience, the brand says sales have grown 15 percent month over month — and that’s likely due to the easy-to-wear essentials they stock.

Basic Outfitters
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Starting with Basic Outfitters underwear, you can snag a useful, comfortable and essential 3-pack of boxer briefs for $30 in a plethora of basic colors, stripes or small patterns — it’s an easy style upgrade in terms of comfort and quality. If you find you’re in a rush and need your basics upgraded even more quickly and easily, go with the brand’s handy Create-A-Drawer options — it’s a $120 value featuring up to 19 items (socks, joggers and undershirts).

In fact, the concept recently drew praise from ABC TV show “Shark Tank” — the program praised the comfort and quality of the products, and the utility. It’s perhaps in the style department where Basic Outfitters customers might be most impressed —- the brand’s socks range from colorful prints to solids and bold stripes, each of which should have a place in your menswear rotation this winter (and well beyond).

And even if you’re not a fan of athleisure-inspired looks, there’s something to be said for upgrading your off-duty sweatpants — Basic Outfitters joggers are subtly stylish, with a slim fit and comfortable fabric (better than baggy college sweats of old, to say the least). So, from underwear to socks …  if at first you didn’t know where to start in terms of upgrading your essentials, Basic Outfitters just might be the answer.

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