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Ace & Everett’s Sock Debut

Now that fall is upon us it is time to start dipping back into that sock drawer. Bet you haven’t seen some of those pairs since March! But do yourself a favor and take sock stock. How many have holes? How many lost elasticity? Yep, we figured. Luckily there is a new accessories company out there with socks made right here in the USA that will be the perfect replacement.

Ace & Everett is a new brand created by two brothers who are rolling out socks and pocket squares for now. All of their socks are knitted in High Point, North Carolina with Supima cotton. As co-founder Sage Disch explained to us, “Our mill, Harriss & Covington, employs 250 people in the depressed Highpoint economy and we hope to increase that number as our production picks up. Our main objective is to support American manufacturing and through that, provide quality jobs.” That’s what we like to hear at The Manual!

Named after the founder’s grandfather, Raymond Everett Disch Sr, who was nicknamed, ‘Ace’ for his attention to detail and wicked sense of humor, the brothers launched a Kickstarter last March and were funded in thirty days. Well done boys.

The brand is based in the historic garment district of New York City and their socks are definitely not for the somber dresser. We appreciate the colors and graphics that will certainly give a little pep to our step this fall.

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