‘Dude Food’ Chef Daniel Churchill on his personal style

My name is Dan Churchill. I am a chef and author from Sydney, Australia now living in New York City. I have published three cookbooks Dudefood, The Healthy Cook, Surfing The Menu, the first of which lead me to America last year and then corresponded with a TV deal to perform on ABC’s The Chew & Good Morning America.

My current TV series Surfing The Menu, Next Generation, is now in Asia which has opened up more food/travel opportunities. I am currently working on my first NYC restaurant space and cant wait to tell you more about it. I am also building an online program empowering people to be confident with their food and wellness. My mission is to make people happier and food is my tool to do that

As for my personal style:

Jeans: Autonomy Halen Jean ….. Yeah buddy!

Shirts: J Crew Secret Wash shirt in Blue or Ted baker Maiter Geo Print Cotton Shirt. I’m all for the casual look and these legends tick those boxes.

Pants: Dr Denim Heywood Chino Deep Blue, Neuw Slim Chino Sand, these get some serious usage in my wardrobe.

Suits: Stephen F Spring Number or M.J Bale Barte Navy depending on the event–both are epic.

Shoes: Loving Born Footwear for my casual vibe, their Bayne option can be seen in a lot of my food shots.

Accessories: Watches… I am not that materialistic, but I can see myself collecting a few of these lovely numbers. Being a Chef I am always looking at my hands too… I love:

Fossil Chronograph Black Leather,

Shore Project 1

-And have been eyeing a Shinola piece The Runwell blue watch

Snapbacks are also essential for the kitchen, too.

Outerwear: The Konus Stunt Jacket is a regular for me–as seen here. I have also been caught wearing a Stephen F piece, too. Particularly in the colder months…straight on after the heat of the kitchen.

Favorite Cologne: At the moment, either Beau de Chanel or Polo Red Eau de Toilette by Ralph Lauren.

Your Favorite App: It would be a tie between VSCO and Lightroom… both do wonders to adding to the personality of a story.

Favorite Piece of Technology: My Vitamix. From Smoothies, sauces and and marinades…this baby is a serious hit between my friends and family.

Next Tech Purchase: I need a new lens for my food shots and have been eyeing the Macro EF 100mm f/2.8 to bring some more tastiness to the images.

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