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‘There’s Someone Inside Your House’ Killer Looks a Lot Like You

Someone's stalking Sarah Dugdale as Katie Koons in "There's Someone Inside Your House."
Someone’s stalking Sarah Dugdale as Katie Koons in “There’s Someone Inside Your House.”

In a small, Midwestern town, a killer is picking off high school students. In a sadistic twist, the maniacal murderer wears a mask resembling the victims’ faces.

Netflix released the trailer for the upcoming slasher flick, There’s Someone Inside Your House, on Monday. The new film will be the beginning of the streaming service’s 2021 Halloween season lineup and based on the same-named New York Times bestselling book by Stephanie Perkins.

The trailer introduces us to Makani Young (Sydney Park), a teenager who transfers high schools from Hawai’i to a small Nebraska town to live with her grandmother. The clip opens with Andrew Dunbar as Deputy Chris Larsson interviewing Young about the recently murdered football star Jackson Pace (Markian Tarasiuk). 

At the subsequent funeral scene, it’s revealed that the killer wore a face mask similar to Pace and is intent on exposing students’ darkest secrets before they die. As Young and her friends struggle to stay alive, it’s evident everybody has something they don’t want the world to know — drug dealing, fight clubs, and hate speech recordings included.

As the countdown to graduation begins, Young fights to keep breathing and keep her own mysterious past closed as her and her friends fight to discover the killer’s identity before they become victims themselves.

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With a script written by Henry Gayden (Shazam!), There’s Someone Inside Your House looks to have plenty of shocks and scares for viewers as the killer jumps out from closets and cornfields. Directed by Patrick Brice, the disturbing mind behind both “Creep” films, the Netflix film features a signature funky, spooky soundtrack to carry along the frightening narrative. 

Among the producers are James Wan, whose Italian psych-horror film Malignant is currently freaking out theater audiences, and Shawn Levy, whose 21 Laps production group was behind the throwback sci-fi series Stranger Things.

There’s Someone Inside Your House will premiere at this year’s Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas from Sept. 23 to Sept. 30. The film will debut on Netflix on Oct. 6. Check out the There’s Someone Inside Your House trailer below.

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