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Treat Yourself with These Over-the-Top Luxury Products for the Home

It’s that time of year again when we are supposed to be loading up on roses and chocolates and shiny jewelry for our sweethearts, but trends in recent years show that V-Day is losing its appeal among Millennials. With the rise of things like “National Singles Day” in September and “Treat Yo’ Self Day” in October, our generation would much rather reward ourselves for our hard work. Luckily, there are countless splurge-worthy products out there that will turn your home into the luxurious castle you deserve. Here are some of our favorite over-the-top gifts to give yourself this year.

Floating Bathtub

Sculptural beauty meets ultimate relaxation in SplinterWork’s Hammock Bath. Made from carbon fiber, the curving Hammock Bath was carefully designed to cradle you like a baby ensuring the most comfortable soak you’ve ever had. Comfort isn’t the only thing that makes this tub stand out. Floating between two walls, the suspended vessel drains water from the bottom, creating a peaceful waterfall every time you empty it. Sure the price tag is a whopping $34,000, but what’s the point of taking a soak if it’s not in the world’s most opulent tub?

splinters work
Splinter Works

Accessorize It

If you’re going to splurge on a $34,000 tub, you might as well get the best soap to go along with it. At $45 per bar, Krigler’s soaps have been gracing the homes of the rich and famous since 1904. We recommend the America One 31 — it’s combination may be listed as bergamot, cumin, mandarin, neroli, and pepper, but the main scent is money.

Floating Bed

You’ve already got the floating bathtub, it’s only natural you would need the matching floating bed. Floating Bed was created by Dutch architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars. Using a confusing system of magnets and possibly magic, the base of the bed hovers over the floor. The base is anchored to the floor with thin cables, presumably to keep it from floating all the way to the ceiling a-la Willy Wonka’s Fizzy Lifting Drinks. We are assuming sleeping on this bed feels like a million fluffy bunnies gently massaging your back. That’s the only explanation for the $1.6 million-dollar price tag.

floating bed
Floating Bed

Accessorize It

The million-dollar bed demands an upscale bedroom wardrobe. Nothing says treat yo’ self like a fancy robe. Sure Hugh Hefner had his signature silk robe, but cashmere gives you the style with the added snuggly factor. Harrods, known for upscale luxury products, offers the Daniel Hanson Cashmere Robe for a mere $3,236. The shawl-style collar is reminiscent of Hugh while the silk lining adds an extra layer of luxury. Don’t forget the matching sleep mask to ensure you get the perfect night’s rest.

Customized Cooking Range

If you dream of becoming the next James Beard Award winner you need to have the right tools in the kitchen. No other brand of ranges is more luxurious than La Cornue. The company’s Château Series is fully customizable, from the size down to the color. Choose from nearly 50 color options and 18 different trims to match your oven to your style. From there, choose your cooktop which can include everything from induction burners to a French top to a teppanyaki griddle. With a starting price of $59,100 for the 6-foot range, you better be prepared to whip up gourmet meals for your sweetie or you’ll be sleeping in that floating bed alone.

Grand Palais 180
La Cornueusa

Accessorize It

The best cooking range in the world deserves the best cookware. Leave it to the folks at Williams Sonoma to get you set up with an extravagant set. The company’s 33-piece all-clad copper core cookware set has everything you need to start cooking like Gordon Ramsey. For the bargain price of $3,999 all of the pots, pans, and lids you would find in a professional kitchen plus two recipe books from chef Thomas Kelle, famed owner of world-renowned The French Laundry.

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