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You Aren’t Going To Want To Miss This Insane Labor Day Air Fryer Deal

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This year some of the best Labor Day sales are air fryer deals. Discounted air fryers are right up there with Instant Pot deals as being among the most popular bargains with our readers. Health conscious family cooks appreciate the chance to cook fried food that kids and adults will eat readily and that doesn’t have the unhealthy fat content associated with deep-frying.  Easier cleanup is another huge advantage air fryers have over deep fryers. Realizing the heavy demand for air fryers, Best Buy discounted the Insignia 5-quart Digital Air Fryer by more than 50% during its Labor Day sale. The sale ends today, so if you’re in the market for a quality digital air fryer for your family or to give as a gift, don’t hesitate because the sale ends at midnight.

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Air fryers are easier to use than many other kitchen countertop appliances.  There are many inexpensive air fryers with manual controls, but a digital control panel adds both convenience and flexibility. There are many inexpensive air fryers with manual controls, but you can master the Insignia 5-quart Digital Air Fryer’s digital control panel, shown below, in a few minutes. All you really need to know is how to push the power button, set the temperature, set the time, and push the play button to start air frying. You’ll notice there are small icons along the top of the control panel that are for pre-programmed time and temperature settings for popular foods such as French fries and wings. The icons are a nice convenience, but if you like your fries a bit more or less crispy, it’s easy to adjust the time and temperature.

The Insignia 5-quart Digital Air Fryer cooks food in a temperature range of 180-degrees to 400-degrees. In addition to air frying, you can also use this appliance to roast or bake food. You can find air fryers with cooking baskets from roughly 3 to 8 quarts, but this 5-quart Insignia model hits the sweet spot for a family of 3 to 5 people. Counter space is at a premium in most kitchens, so buying a larger cooking capacity air fryer than you will use most often isn’t a great strategy.

The Insignia 5-quart Digital Air Fryer has an easy-to-clean stainless steel finish and the included cooking basket and pan are both dishwasher safe. If you’ve ever had to deal with used cooking oil from a deep fryer, you’ll appreciate that there’s no leftover oil with air frying and cleanup is as simple as it gets.

If you don’t already own an air fryer, we recommend the Insignia 5-quart Digital Air Fryer. This versatile countertop appliance is reasonably list priced at $120, but when you can save $65 and Best Buy will ship one to you for free, for a total of $55 plus tax, it’s hard to resist. The clock is ticking, however, and Best Buy’s Labor Day sale ends today, so decide quickly and if you do want it, don’t delay.

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