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Behold the World’s Most Adventure-Ready Electric Motorcycle

Fossil fuels are literally dead, and our use of them is dying. The future of just about everything that relies on gasoline, oil, and the like will one day soon evolve to renewable energy. Zero Motorcycles is leading the charge (pun intended) in the two-wheeler industry. Its 2020 catalog brings to life one of the most epic electric bikes we’ve ever seen.

Zero Motorcycles’ latest DS and DSR models are among the best, most exciting electric bikes on the market. The big get for 2020, however, is its flagship DSR Black Forest Edition motorcycle. The company proudly calls this off-road-ready beast “the most capable adventure-ready electric motorcycle on the planet.” According to the numbers, it delivers. The top-of-the-line ride boasts 70 horsepower and an eye-popping 116 lb-ft of torque — more raw torque than any fuel-powered production superbike on the market. What’s more, it’s all available from a standing start with no fumes, shifting, or vibration. Not surprisingly, the bike tops out at more than 100 miles per hour.

Range is, of course, an issue for electric motorcycles. The base model Zero DS comes standard with a ZF7.2 battery good for a combined 53 miles between highway and city. Upgrading to the Zero DS Black Forest more than doubles that range, while the optional Power Tank adds 30-40 miles for a max range of more than 140 miles combined. It charges easily overnight from any standard household electrical outlet. Adding the Charge Tank option gives any DS model compatibility with Level 2 charging stations with charging that is six times faster. Depending on the battery setup, that can mean a full recharge in about an hour with an average recharge cost of just $2.

Zero Motorcycles also adds serious next-gen smartphone integration with a dedicated app. With a few digital toggles, riders can tweak almost every aspect of their bike, including customizing the top speed, torque, and max regenerative braking. The flagship Black Forest model even includes integrated luggage, a touring seat and windscreen, dual-sport drop bars, and off-road features like LED auxiliary lights and a headlight protector.

The entry-level Zero DS stickers for $11,000, while a fully kitted-out Zero DSR Black Forest with every option runs north of $25,000. With some states — we’re tipping our cap to you, Massachusetts and California — offering electric vehicle tax incentives of as much as $900, that seems like a pretty sweet deal.

If the DSR Black Forest still isn’t adventurous enough for you, check out The Speeder, the world’s first flying motorcycle capable of speeds of up to 150 miles per hour.

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