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Cake’s Newest Electric Motorcycle Prepares for Its Street Debut

Last year, we showed you the Cake Kalk, an all-electric dirtbike-like motorcycle that aimed to reduce the price of electrically driven motorcycles, as well as keep the fun and adventurous spirit of a proper off-roader. According to the Swedish company, the Kalk was meant to ensure our riding freedom well past the death of the ground-up dinosaur-driven age. Yet, the company didn’t just want to ensure the freedom to off-road, which is why Cake developed the Kalk&.

Built as a fully street-legal electric motorcycle, the Kalk& (yes, that’s the name) furthers the company’s minimalistic design and engineering aesthetic. Details around the motorcycle’s powerplant and battery are still being held close to the vest, but given that the Kalk& more than resembles the standard off-roading Kalk, we’d be inclined to guess that the two share battery and motor architecture. As such, the Kalk& likely uses the same 2.6 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, which delivers around 20 horsepower, lifted from its sibling. Likewise, the 50-mile range and 50-mph top speed are good guesses as well.

Cake’s founder and CEO Stefan Ytterborn said this of the Kalk&: “Explore and commute, trail and street, clean and silent. The benefits of the dual usability, combining sustainable and efficient commuting with backcountry exploration, are endless. Bringing a high performance, electric off-road bike to the market, and making it street legal, is an important step for us at Cake, inspiring people towards zero emission, combining responsibility and excitement. It’s the perfect commuter tool while serving its users with thrill and fun, during weekends and vacations.”

The original Kalk is named after kalksten (“limestone” in Swedish) because limestone makes up the bedrock of one of the Swedish isles that dirt bike-lovers make pilgrimages to. According to the company, the limestone is perfect for “building jumps, curves, banks, and rollers,” and pretty much every other type of terrain that a dirt biker would want.

According to Cake, final pricing and quantities have yet to be determined but will be decided in the coming months. However, given that little has changed over from the off-road Kalk to the Kalk&, except for lights and a slightly different rear sprocket, we’d hazard that it sees a small jump in the Kalk’s $13,000 price tag. For those wanting their own Cake Kalk&, you can now put a deposit of just $200 and get immediately in line.

Jonathon Klein
Former Digital Trends Contributor
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