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Ryvid’s Outset electric motorcycle launches with an unexpected low price

Why buy a fast e-bike when an electric motorcycle is so reasonably priced?

A rider on a Ryvid Outset electric motorcycle in Vapor Grey on a city street under an overpass.
Ryvid Anthem in Vapor Grey Ryvid / Ryvid

We have already covered the Ryvid Anthem electric motorcycle and noted that its $8,995 price tag was competitive in the small field of its competitors. Today, Ryvid dropped two significant news bits. First, the Anthem price has been reduced by $1,500 to an even more tempting $6,495. The second, perhaps even more exciting piece of news is the launch of the Ryvid Outset, another model that shares most of the Anthem’s key components but costs $5,9995, $500 less than the Anthem.

Why the Ryvid Outset matters

A Sector Red Ryvid Outset electric motorcycle right profile shot parked in desert among huge parked and out-of-service airplanes.
Ryvid Outset in Sector Red Ryvid / Ryvid

The Anthem and Outset prices are significant. Here’s why. There aren’t many electric motorcycles for sale in the U.S. The e-motorcycles from Zero Motorcycles, Harley-Davidson spin-off Livewire, Fuell, Verge, and a few other brands tend to cost significantly more than motorcycles with gas engines.

We’ve been waiting for electric and gas motorcycles to level out, and Ryvid’s Outset and re-priced Anthem could be harbingers of even better-than-price parity. The $6,000 price point is even more significant because we’re also seeing high-powered 72V machines from e-bike brands such as Lyric and Solar that can reach speeds of 60 to 70 mph for close to $6K. Ryvid’s pricing for these two moderate-speed e-motorcycles may be prescient.

Ryvid Outset and Ryvid Anthem: Same or different?

A Ryvid Anthm in Atomic Gold profile product shot on a white background.
Ryvid Anthem in Atomic Gold Ryvid / Ryvid

The Anthem came first and positioned as a higher-performance street bike, though both bikes have a rated 75 mph top speed and use the same power units. The Anthem and Outset have the same rigid folded steel backbone frame, sealed belt drive, and instrument display. They use the same 72V air-cooled brushless DC motor, removable 4.3kWh battery with integrated 3.3kW charger, and controller. Both have Eco and Sport modes and a low-speed reverse drive. They have the same powerful disc brakes.

The Anthem seat adjusts from 30-to-34 inches high, which is a very cool feature. The Outset has a fixed-height 33-inch high seat, but the Outset’s seat is more narrow and the suspension has more give. The Anthem’s front suspension has 3.1 inches of travel, and the rear shock is 1.3 inches. The Outset, positioned as an all-terrain bike, has 6.5-inches front fork travel and 1.8-inches rear shock travel. The Outset’s footpegs are further forward, and the handlebars are higher and wider than the Anthem, so the Outset allows a more upright rider position.

Ryvid also announced conversion kits for the Anthem and Outset, which allow riders to switch components or even convert between the two models. The Anthem is available now for immediate delivery in six colors for $6,495, and the Outset will be available this summer in two colors: Sector Red or Vapor Grey. Riders are required to have a motorcycle license to ride on public roads.

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