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We finally know what the Tesla Cybertruck interior looks like

It's still a pretty ugly truck

Tesla Cybertruck parked indoors in front of a black wall with headlights and taillights on.
Tesla / Tesla

Tesla’s Cybertruck was announced in 2019 and originally scheduled to hit the road back in 2021, but it has faced five delays so far and might not make it into customer’s hands until 2024 at the earliest. As it should have started to roll off the production line two years ago, you would think we’d know the final design inside and out by now — but that isn’t the case. Much of the truck is still shrouded in mystery, though one of those mysteries may have just unraveled.

A video has appeared that apparently shows the interior of the truck — or one of its late prototypes, at the very least. The minute-long clip, which was recorded by YouTube user “Vlad Vein,” shows the truck’s steering wheel, infotainment system, and several portions of its interior. The clip is in Russian, but it’s fairly obvious what is being shown off. The leaker shows the camera the entry keycard, what appears to be a yoke wheel, and goes on to demonstrate a little of what the central display can do.

Between the leaker’s actions and YouTube’s translated subtitles, we’ve determined that the infotainment system has a battery indicator, a pretty good-looking maps display, and can show you information from the truck’s sensors at the same time. There’s nothing particularly surprising about the infotainment system, or what we’ve seen of it in the clip, though the display itself seems quite large — which is a major plus. Vlad then pans around the vehicle’s interior space.

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It’s all a bit plain

Compared to many other vehicles in the Cybertruck’s purported price range, the interior seems a bit plain. There’s a lot of gray, every surface seems smooth, and there’s a minimalist vibe about the whole thing. The panoramic glass roof is a highlight, but beyond that, there’s nothing to write home about. Some elements of the interior are pretty angular in shape, and this fits the overall “low-polygon vehicle from a PlayStation One game” vibe of the truck. All in all, the appearance fits with what you would imagine the inside of a Cybertruck might look like.

It is worth pointing out that the clip is not something Tesla itself has released, confirmed, or even acknowledged. The Tesla truck we see in the video may not be the truck that goes into production, and at the rate Elon Musk’s EV company is handling the whole Cybertruck project, we may be looking at a completely different leak this time next year. Another leak has suggested that the truck is plagued by quality control issues, and Tesla’s billionaire owner isn’t happy about it. So who knows how much things will change by the time the much anticipated EV actually goes into production?

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