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Pirelli’s new P-Zero AS Plus 3 may be the new gold standard of tires

Pirelli P-Zero AS 3 on vehicle
Pirelli P-Zero AS 3 on a vehicle Image used with permission by copyright holder

Building on the heritage of its P-Zero range, Pirelli has announced the P-Zero AS Plus 3, which the company promises will have the “comfort and durability” of the Pirelli “Plus” line in a “new ultra-high-performance tire exclusively developed for the North American market.”

The tire is available in 31 sizes, ranging from 17 to 22 inches. Pirelli boasts the Ford Mustang, Genesis G80, BMW 3 Series, and Mercedes Benz C-Class as “key fitments” for the tire range.

Before you strap a new set of Pirelli P-Zero AS 3s on your rims, know Pirelli has changed the tread pattern, compound, and tire construction. The tread pattern now sports 3D sipe technology, and the new compound has functionalized polymers. Pirelli says this will contribute to smoother wear on its P-Zero AS Plus 3 tires, enhanced rolling efficiency, and reduced rolling resistance by ten percent, contributing to reduced emissions and improved fuel consumption in testing.

Pirelli also says its new tire will improve performance on wet pavement, thanks to its new siping technology. A 3D sipe interlocking system has been designed to stiffen the tread pattern, which helps with braking on wet surfaces. The company claims that snow performance is also enhanced with Pirelli’s siping and tread stiffness technology. You should also experience enhanced ride comfort and reduced road noise via an optimized pitch sequence.

Pirelli P-Zero AS 3 in wet conditions
Pirelli P-Zero AS 3 in wet conditions Image used with permission by copyright holder

If “3D siping” sounds strange, it’s fascinating. Pirelli has created a siping pattern that is essentially cut into layers of the tire. The siping pattern changes as the tire wears, which should keep the P-Zero AS 3 performant in wet and snowy conditions as the tires wear. While the siping won’t mean very old tires are as good as a new set, you won’t have to think twice about conditions, and how your older tires will perform in real-world scenarios we all face daily.

The new Pirelli P-Zero AS Plus 3 also has a 50,000-mile limited tread wear warranty, placing it amongst the best in its category. Designed virtually, Pirelli says simulated tire performance over the perceived life of the tire has shown a 20 percent increase in tread efficiency at the end of life – all thanks to those functionalized polymers Pirelli added.

The P Zero AS Plus 3 is a testament to Pirelli’s focus on the North American Region and its commitment to develop products that answer to the specific needs of this market,” says Claudio Zanardo, President and CEO of Pirelli North America. “We’re confident that this tire will exceed our customers’ expectations, providing a great driving experience and delivering exceptional performance in all conditions.”

This all sounds like Pirelli just created the gold standard of all-weather tires for the North American market. Long-lasting, excellent in all conditions through the entire life of the tire, a quiet ride, and fitment for a wide variety of vehicles. It remains to be seen what real-world performance will be, but with the company’s reputation, we’re not dubious of Pirelli’s claims.

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