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Mercedes just integrated TikTok into its in-car entertainment system (really)

The third-party app will displayed on the 2024 E-Class’ enormous and high-tech Superscreen

Mercedes-Benz is consistently at the forefront of innovation. Depending on who you ask, Mercedes-Benz was the first to introduce the modern automobile, to place brakes on all four wheels of a car, and come out with crumple zones for safety. Not sexy, but definitely innovative stuff. Mercedes just gave the world the first glimpse at the 2024 E-Class, and the midsize sedan is an absolute powerhouse on the tech front. The automaker’s best seller arrives with a new Superscreen system and native third-party access to popular entertainment apps like Angry Birds, Zoom, Vilvadi web browser, Webex by Cisco, and TikTok.

While GOP leaders in red states are trying to ban TikTok in the United States, claiming that the app provides the Chinese government with sensitive information, Mercedes-Benz has pulled a hold-my-non-alcoholic-beer moment by bringing the app to the new E-Class with its new MB.OS operating system. Obviously, Mercedes doesn’t want you to access TikTok while driving, because recording how you’re going to steal a Hyundai or Kia, which is something you probably learned on TikTok, from behind the wheel of your Mercedes E-Class just isn’t safe. Owners will be able to access TikTok, and other apps, through the infotainment system when the car is parked. Since the E-Class’ dashboard has two screens, your passenger can join in on all the fun that TikTok offers.

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2024 Mercedes-Benz E-Class dashboard and steering wheel from the rear seats.

“It is highly, highly relevant,” Mercedes-Benz CEO Ola Källenius said about TikTok. “Let’s not forget that the average age of an S-Class owner in China is around or below 40 years old.” There’s a lot to unpack there, but the most staggering thing there is the age demographic for the S-Class. Forty years old or younger? Jeesh. According to current conversion rates, the S-Class starts at roughly $211,000 or $82,000 more than the S-Class in the U.S. The starting pay in China must be much better than the U.S. or something.

Moving away from TikTok and pay in the U.S., the E-Class’ Superscreen is an evolution of the Hyperscreen that made its debut on the EQS all-electric sedan. Instead of a single piece of curved glass that houses three enormous screens, the 2024 E-Class’ Superscreen has two screens that are integrated into a single piece on the dashboard, while the screen for the digital instrument cluster sits on its own. Mercedes hasn’t released official dimensions for the screens, but the screens don’t look as large as the ones with the Hyperscreen.

There are plenty of high-tech features with the Superscreen and Mercedes’ new MB.OS operating system. There’s a new selfie camera that’s mounted at the top of the dashboard, which stops the driver from being distracted by the display in front of the passenger. The camera controls a “visual shield” that stops the third screen from activating unless there’s someone sitting in the passenger seat, and the display in front of the passenger has dual light control technology to make it harder to view from the driver’s seat. A dashboard camera allows drivers to record videos, capture photos, and participate in Zoom video meetings.

AI takes a front seat in the new MB.OS system, too. The Hyperscreen features zero-layer paradigm and AI-learned Routines, which refers to how the vehicle attempts to learn the driver’s habits and makes it easier to access commonly used features throughout the day. The screen also has “Magic Modules” where things can be learned and presented, like birthday reminders and to-do list suggestions, on the home screen. There’s also a new voice recognition system that’s called “Just Talk” where you don’t have to say “Hey, Mercedes” anymore.

With the 2024 Mercedes-Benz E-Class set to arrive at dealerships later this year, we expect to get more information on the car shortly. One thing is clear, Mercedes is really stepping up its tech features with the new model.

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