This Luxury Yacht Comes With an Amphibious Car, Hovercraft, and Jet Ski

If spending a week on a luxury yacht isn’t amusing enough for you, the multi-award-winning Exuma expedition ship comes with an amphibious car, a jet ski, and other thrilling water toys to play with.

Built for the world traveler who isn’t content sunbathing on the stern all day, Exuma’s additional water toys include a legit hovercraft originally designed for patrol and search and rescue teams, an underwater scooter by Seabob, a Seadoo RXT215 Waverunner jet ski, and a Lveco amphibious vehicle that you can take for a spin on sea and land.

And those are just the biggest toys. Toss two mountain bikes into the durable Jeep-like water car (Lveco is an Italian manufacturer who mainly produces special vehicles for firefighting and the military) and ride on a nearby island, or stay in the waves and water-ski, paddle board, windsurf, scuba dive, snorkel, or wakeboard. There are some basic inflatable water toys, too.

Exuma luxury yacht

At first view, it’s impossible to spot any of these adventure craft since they’re stored in electronic side hatches and below-deck hideaways. Apart from gadgets and gizmos, the superyacht is packed with luxury amenities, including a jacuzzi and a gym (we gotta keep that beach body shape on the high-seas).

Custom-built and made to fit nine guests and nine crew members, the airy guest cabins consist of two master suites, two “VIP” rooms, and one twin. The yacht’s warm and woodsy interior design was done by Perini Navi and the clean, slick silver and wood exterior styling is by Vitruvius. Overall, the interior of the Exuma is comfortable and clean, but it’s a good thing the look isn’t too opulent and overdone because this is not a yacht for the homebody. (Waterbody? Seabody?) Though there’s still Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and all that good stuff, obviously.

Even Exuma’s bold aluminum hull and superstructure beg to part waves. The yacht cruises at 14 knots (16 mph), a comfortable speed designed for a minimum environmental footprint, the rental listing on Yacht Charter Fleet notes. Top speed caps off at 17 knots (19.5mph). Most of the water toys will go faster than that.

All this will “only” cost you $212,000 per week.


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